Clearance and Second Quality Moose or Bison Hide

$108.00 CAD

Moose and Bison are thick and very durable. Perfect for summer moccasins, mittens and game bags/carry-alls’. This leather is sold by the half or quarter hide.

These are our clearance and second quality hides.  We also carry first quality hides.


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100% moose and bison hand picked by us to ensure the best quality product for you! This leather is priced by the square foot.

Moose is more supple and easier to work with than the bison. The moose we recommend to people who want a good durable product but have limited experience (or few callouses on fingers).  Being a wild animal, moose hides will always have more holes, scars and imperfections than bison. Traditional hide of north woods moccasins.

Bison is really tough and durable and has a tougher feel to it. It can be a little bit more difficult to work, but can make a really nice finished product. Being a farmed animal, these tend to come in as cleaner hides, with fewer holes and imperfections.  Traditional hide of plains moccasins.


3.5oz hides are slightly heavier than a typical deer hide, and are a good choice for projects where more flexibility is desired (example mittens).

5.5oz hides are the heaviest buckskin we have available, and are a good choice for projects where more durability is desired (example moccasins).

Sizing Information:

This product is sold by the half or quarter hide.  The price displayed is an estimate only, this is a natural product, that comes in a wide variety of sizes.  We will select hides that match your desired quantity as closely as possible, and will contact you with price adjustments if necessary.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 32 × 19 cm
Washing Instruction

Can be washed in gentle cycle and lay flat to dry with mild detergeants. Some stiffness may occur but it can be worked out with wear.


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