*NEW* Beaver Mittens

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Update Dec 10: We will not be accepting orders for this product unless you accept that they very likely will not be ready for this winter. We anticipate that the new delivery dates for this product will be April. We are very sorry for the sad news but thank you so much for your support!

These are the mitts of all mitts! Luxurious and rugged. Perfect for the coldest rest stops or a long snow machine ride.

These mitts have a beaver fur back and thumb with a deer/bison palm. They come lined with a removable 32 oz. Woolrich wool blanket to make your toasty warm.

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Locally and sustainably harvested beaver taken and made into the warmest mitts you’ll own. Windproof, breathable, and so soft, you’ll appreciate these mitts on the coldest mornings.

A note about our beavers:

We eat everything we catch and waste nothing. We have the utmost respect for all living creatures and appreciate the food that the beaver provides us year-round. Like most traditional trappers in the olden days, the beaver is a staple food in the Marrone residence. No beaver has ever died for just it’s beautiful hide. We have taken the opportunity to bring food from the forest to our table and for that we are grateful.

Circumference of Palm: Pattern Size

measurement LOTN17.00 cm – 00

18.00 cm- 0

19.50 cm- 1

21.00 cm – 2

22.50 cm – 3

24.00 cm – 4

25.50 cm- 5

Additional information

Weight .600 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 10 cm


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