Summer Moccasin Kit

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*UPDATE NOV. 2021* This product is out of stock for the winter. In the spring we will reassess and sell any remaining stock. For products that are still in stock please head to Featured Products.

Make your very own traditional summer moccasins! Using our high quality Ontario tanned buckskins these moccasins will stand the test of time!

Women please choose a Men’s size that is 2 sizes smaller than your regular shoe size.
(Eg. W 9 = M 7)

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  • Full-colour, bound instructions;
  • All necessary deer- or moose-hide for making your moccasins;
  • Pre-cut leather thong for lacing;
  • Felted wool insoles;
  • Leather needles and sinew

Walk through the woods in style and comfort with your own trail moccasins. These have been tested and true to Lure for over 6 years now. Since the first day we wore them we’ve been converted and have never looked back.

NOTE: These moccasins are best suited for soft forest floors or around your own garden/workshop. They are not designed for abusive pavement or concrete.

Add a Sole!

See the “Instructions” tab to find our rubber soling video.

We have given you even more glue and rubber now for an extra thick sole or many repairs through the years.

Additional information

Weight 0.460 kg
Dimensions 32 × 13 × 8 cm
Technical Difficulty


Approximate Time

6 – 8 hours


The Instructional Booklets for this craft item and others can be found, free of charge on our “Instructional Booklet” page under the “Info Hub” menu.

Adding a Rubber Sole:

7 reviews for Summer Moccasin Kit

  1. PAT MOSIUK (verified owner)

    I’ll start by saying I have had very little to do with a needle and thread! I probably had the kit in my Man Cave (opened and inspected) for about a week before working up the nerve to start! I took baby steps… Tracing and cutting hide, then tacking was one day. I got one moc puckered and sewn to the tacks the next, then the other one the day after that. After the first moc my sewing became better, and you learn a few tricks that help. The next day I finished the back, both heels and the lacing. By far, for me, the toughest part was the little heel flaps! There are several new holes in my fingers, and I have a new appreciation how tough a person’s fingers must get that works with leather all the time! I chose moose hide, so I suspect it’s tougher to work with than deer. All in, it probably took 8-10 hours. I think the next pair (just ordered) will probably take about six. For beads, I had several deer sheds that I cut 1″ of tip off, drilled a hole and put on the lace ends. This is a very complete kit, and I encourange anyone looking to get a pair of mocs to use LOTN DIY!l (I’m a visual learner, so the videos were an important part of completing the project.) Well done, LOTN!!

  2. Brian Price (verified owner)

    Excellent kit!! Between the provided instructions and the youtube videos, it made making my summer mocs very easy. Cant wait to get out in the woods with them. Thanks lure of the north for making an affordable, easy kit.

  3. Jake (verified owner)

    This was my first DIY project that required sewing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The customer service is spot on and the instruction packet, along with the YouTube videos, allowed me to at least feign that I had some talent, haha. I learned a lot and plan on ordering another kit to apply lessons learned from my recent project to. Thanks LOTN for a good product and being good folks!

  4. Viralack (verified owner)

    Awesome kit, the instructions were clear, concise and easy to follow. Can’t wait to start my next Lure project. Thanks

  5. Steve Holland (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome kit! Came with more than enough of everything needed to make a great pair of trail mocs. The patterns and instructions were very helpful and easy to follow, and the customer service has been incredible! Looking forward to trying my hands at some of Lure’s other kits soon! Thanks, Kielyn and Dave!

  6. Sue (verified owner)

    Thought you might like to know that my niece and nephew LOVED their moccasin kits! The kits were complete and the instructions easy to follow. They will send pics from Bali when they finish them.
    Thanks for the great customer service and the lovely product!

  7. Paul Wilson

    Kit came with everything I needed, the instructions explained everything in detail. It took me about 6 hours to make my pair, and I wear them all the time now. Plenty of material left over, even though I have fairly large feet (size 13 US), so any patching or repairs will be covered. They keep my feet pretty warm (I use the included felt sole), and were easy to adjust when I wanted to change to fit on my foot (just cut out some stitches, cut out some leather, resew). Thanks Lure of the North!

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