Tingley Rubber Overboots

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Don’t get caught in mild winter weather without your rubbers!  These light-weight, all-natural rubber overboots are the perfect backup to have stowed in your toboggan in case you run into a winter meltdown!

10″ high, natural rubber overboot.

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Tingley overboots are comfortable, flexible and extremely light weight.  Best used as a backup to replace your breathable moccasins in wet conditions.  Small enough to roll them up and stow them away for a rainy day!

Tingley’s are made with natural rubber, which is tough, tear resistant and won’t crack or stiffen in very cold temperatures like synthetic rubbers.  A must have for winter expeditions!

Sizing Chart (Men’s sizes)

S: 6.5-8
M: 8.5- 9
L: 9.5-11
XL: 11 – 12.5
XXL: 12.5 – 14

NOTE: These are our recommended sizes based on using a regular amount of insulation (ie. 1 – 2 pairs of socks and a felt boot liner or duffle wool liner).  If you plan to use more or less insulation than this, you may have to size accordingly.  Remember, rubber overboots are only necessary when the temp rises to at or above freezing, so large amounts of insulation are typically not necessary.

Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 41 × 15.5 × 13 cm


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