Buckskin Mittens

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*Currently Unavailable- See Note Below*

Keep your hands out of the blistering cold wind with these handcrafted buckskin mittens. Equally at home in the bush or in daily city life!

Comes with your choice of single or double layer of 32 oz Woolrich Blanket!

See sizing chart below.


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Note: We are heading towards a complete DIY ethos. We have always believed that making your own clothing is the most satisfying way to enjoy your moccasins, mittens and other wears. We are a small company and are running out of time to make them for you! The wait times have become too long for us to feel good about doing it so we are trying to really encourage people to make them yourselves! If you really can’t, perhaps a good friend can take a stab at it. We have our Youtube Videos live for you to follow along and you can find our instructional booklets in our DIY kits available here: DIY Kits!

Sizing instructions: Measure your palm without your thumb around the palm. Compare the measurement with the sizing chart. Select the size that coincides with the chart.

Circumference of Palm: Pattern Size

measurement LOTN17.00 cm – 00

18.00 cm- 0

19.50 cm- 1

21.00 cm – 2

22.50 cm – 3

24.00 cm – 4

25.50 cm- 5


Decorative Trim

Lure of the North’s Decorative Trim

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 15 × 18 × 5 cm


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