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Make your very own winter buckskin and wool mittens! Using all natural materials you will feel the difference this winter when your hands are cozy, comfortable and loved

NOTE: Ships in approximately 2-3 weeks. 

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What’s Included:

This mitten making kit includes all necessary materials for a complete set of our wool and buckskin winter mittens:

  •  5 sq ft of buckskin for your mitten outers
  • ~ 4 square feet of wool for the inner mitt (available in a variety of colours);
  • ~ 4 metres of yarn for stitching inner mittens;
  • 1 darning needle;
  • Artificial sinew – enough for project, plus extra for repair kit;
  • 2x “Glover’s Needles” (Aka. “Triangular Needles” or “Leather Needles”);
  • 2 x 3/4” buckles;
  • ~ 2′ of 3/4” webbing;
  • Decorative trim (available in a variety of styles);
  • Lure of the North Patch;
  • Full-colour, bound instructional booklet;
  • OPTIONAL: Coyote or beaver fur trim;

 Our Best Wool Yet!

Our made-in-Canada felted wool mats are soft, thick and WARM!   We think our current wool strikes an absolutely perfect balance between warmth and dexterity.  Thick and warm enough for the coldest mornings, but soft and flexible enough to be worn all day for a variety of tasks.  You won’t be disappointed!

Using thick felted wool and genuine deerskin your hands will thank you this winter. 100% breathable, your hands will stay dry and comfortable as these natural materials wick away the moisture.

Wool Colours:

Because our wool stock is constantly being re-stocked, we have reserved the right to pick the wool colour for you. This saves the step of getting you to pick a second and third choice which will delay your order from being filled. However! If you have a preference in colour, feel free to write it in the comments on your order notes. We will do our best to fulfill your choice. Barring that we will choose a very pretty colour that best matches your hide and decorative trim choice. We normally stock the following colours: White, green, blue, red, brown, grey.

Sizing instructions: Measure your palm without your thumb around the palm. Compare the measurement with the sizing chart. Select the size that coincides with the chart.

Circumference of Palm: Pattern Size

measurement LOTN

18.00 cm- 0

19.50 cm- 1

21.00 cm – 2

22.50 cm – 3

24.00 cm – 4

25.50 cm- 5


Decorative Trim

Please add into your order notes your top 3 choices of decorative trim. Our stock is always in flux and so it might not be possible to get your top choice. If you do not write in your order notes we will choose a beautiful trim for you! 

Additional information

Weight 0.695 kg
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 20 cm
Wool Colour

Brown, Grey, White, Blue, Green, Red

Technical Difficulty



~ 12h

Videos and Instructions

The Instructional Booklets for this craft item and others can be found, free of charge on our “Instructional Booklet” page under the “Info Hub” menu.

9 reviews for Mitten Kit

  1. David Doucette (verified owner)

    The quality of the materials provided are Great, instructions are easy to fallow and the final product is better than advertised. Was able to make 2 pairs with provided materials as my partner has Tiny hands. So deffenitly lots of material to spare. Cam back got got some summer and winter Moccasins I was so impressed. Love your Guys stuff. Hopefully one day ill do a winter adventure with.

  2. Lynn

    I received a kit for Christmas!

    Before I got started, I read the written instructions as well as watched the videos. The videos were an excellent help.

    The felt is amazing and a great way to start the project – plus they really form into a “3D” mitten before your eyes.

    In the video, the needles push through the leather with ease. For me, I pulled the needles through with pliers. A little slower going but I got there. The first mitt showed that I hadn’t been taking care to pull my stitches tight enough — I did better with the second mitt and touched up a couple of areas in the first one.

    The one thing about the videos is that they were made before the design change that includes the webbing cinch strap. Even though I had read the instructions, I forgot to stop and see the webbing into the mitt. I finished the first leather mitt then realized my mistake. So I made the second mitt up the same way. If I feel I need the straps, I’ll take out the stitching on the lower part of the mitts and put the webbing in.

    I don’t have a sewing machine, so haven’t sewn on the decorative trim. Maybe I’ll have a go hand-stitching it in, but don’t want to start it and have regrets.

    They look really good, feel great and I get the pride of knowing I made them myself.

    Im an absolute beginner and wholeheartedly recommend the kit. Maybe summer moccasins are next…

  3. Lee-Euclide Godbout (verified owner)

    yup, awesome kit, warm as heck. The best customer support out there that I have dealt with. They answer ALL your questions.
    I watched their youtube videos before starting out, then got it done, it’s actually very addictive once you start. Did I mention they are the warmest mitts I have ever had?
    If your’e gunna buy a pair of mitts , get these, probably the last mitts you’ll ever need to buy.
    I used a sewing-awl with thick cotton thread for the leather.

  4. Julia (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this project! The instruction booklet was helpful, the videos were clear and motivating. Before I began I had no faith in my hand stitching ability. I realized when I completed my first mitt that I probably should have been pulling the stitches a little tighter so I fixed it up for the second one. In one of her videos, Kie says to remember they are handmade and it’s about “affection not perfection.” My parents are each in the process of making themselves a pair too.

    I have a tendency to get started on a project but not finish it. This was one thing I actually finished all the way through to completion. There were enough obvious stages of completion along the way that kept me motivated to get it done.

    I started by making the wool liners. Somehow this felt a lot less intimidating than the leather portion. I think maybe because pulling a stitch out didn’t leave a hole and I knew any mistakes would be hidden inside the leather anyway. Since the wool was so approachable I got right at it. Things went smoothly. I do recommend watching the videos as Kie mentions some common misconceptions and things to focus on and things to avoid.

    By the time I was done sewing the liners, my fingers were a little sore so I took a break for a couple of days before I got back at the leather portion. The videos were made prior to the addition of the cinch strap so make sure you read about that part in the instruction booklet. To start with I found it very difficult to pierce the leather and even pull the sinew through but it seemed I found a bit of a rhythm after about 25 stitches.

    I never did make a leather thimble like Kie suggested however I did occasionally use some scrap leather both to help push the needle through and also as a gripper cloth to pull the needle out.

    Adding the ribbon at the end stressed me out the most. I started to try and hand sew it but I wasn’t happy with how sturdy or even my stitching was so I had to use my sewing machine. Even though I made a size 4 leather outer, the arm of my sewing machine was too big for the mitt to fit over so it made for some tricky sewing (well tricky for me as I would rank myself a pre-rookie semstress!)

    I am so happy with my final project and it was a great thing to do with my parents to pass some winter evenings.

    I highly recommend this DIY kit.

  5. Peter Woodman (verified owner)

    Hi Dave & Kei
    I purchased and just finished completing two of your mitten kits. One pair for me, and one pair for my 10 year old daughter – I ended up doing most of the sewing… that’s ok, good learning for me. The youtube videos are a big help, and a big thanks for the email support from Kei, that helped keep this first time leather sewer on track. The kits were great, lots of wool, leather, needles etc. and a great instruction book. I am looking forward to using these mittens for a long time, and would recommend these kits to anyone interested in making something of high quality that they can use.
    Thanks again,

  6. Ken (verified owner)

    I would rate this kit a 10 out of 5. I must say this was the first DIY kit like this I’ve every taken on and it was pretty easy. Had to read the instruction a couple times just to make sure I was understanding them.
    I can’t wait to get home from my cabin and start working on my 10 oz Anorak Kit that is waiting for me. Please feel free to tag my Instagram page at maine_cabinlife.
    Again thanks and look forward to sending pic of my Anorak.
    With warm regards,

  7. Brent Butikofer (verified owner)

    Just finished the Winter Mitten Kit. I absolutely love them. Check out my full review at:


  8. Michelle Collins (verified owner)

    Dave and Kie
    I ordered 2 of the mitten making kits with inner wool liners and beaver fur trim. The materials were great quality, easy to sew and the instructions were very easy to follow! The finished mittens turned out better than I anticipated. We get so many compliments on them and many people ask where they can get some! We have used them a few time so far for cross country skiing and they are warm, dry and comfortable. I will be ordering more mitten kits as well as some moccasin kits .
    Thanks for a great product!

  9. Michele (verified owner)

    Hi Dave & Kie
    Just confirming the kits arrived a few days ago. I love the burlap wrapping!! Having fun with the mitts, the woolen inners have turned out beautifully; just starting on the leather outers (xmas present for hubby). Gorgeous leather :) Thanks for putting together a great kit!


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