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Simple elegance: our newly redesigned handmade deerskin and split-skin hide moccasins!  100% breathable materials keep your feet and insulating layers dry and warm in the winter.  Perfect for everything from multi-week snowshoe expeditions in the North, to walking the dog on local trails or fishing at the lake.


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Note: We are heading towards a complete DIY ethos. We have always believed that making your own clothing is the most satisfying way to enjoy your moccasins, mittens and other wears. We are a small company and are running out of time to make them for you! The wait times have become too long for us to feel good about doing it so we are trying to really encourage people to make them yourselves! If you really can’t, perhaps a good friend can take a stab at it. We have our Youtube Videos live for you to follow along and you can find our instructional booklets in our DIY kits available here: DIY Kits!

We’ve worn our moccasins for hundreds of kilometres of snowshoeing in northern Ontario, on expeditions up to 40 days in length.  After years of testing and refinement we are proud to offer what we think will be the coziest, warmest pair of winter footwear you’ll ever own!

Custom, and hand made by us, with lightweight, wrap-around-style, split-grain boarskin uppers.  This style was inspired by photos seen in the excellent book “Making the Attikamek Snowshoe” published by the Trust for Native American Crafts and Culture.  These are exquisite, traditional snowshoe moccasins.  Every pair comes with a 100% felted wool liner and insole and is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

These moccasins come with our felted wool boot liners and insoles!

Check out our socks to complete your cozy footwear system:

What’s the Difference?  Canvas vs. Hide Uppers.

Our hide upper moccasins and canvas moccasins are different takes on the same product.  Performance wise both of these products will behave almost identically.  The split-grain hide and cotton canvas are both: lightweight, durable, breathable, nearly wind-proof, quick drying.  The choice comes down to one of aesthetics.

Canvas: Our canvas moccasins are sewn into a tube which you pull on over your calf (like a standard boot) and then secured with a wrap-around lace.  Being a pre-formed tube, the canvas is a better medium for decorative ribbon and fur trim.  The canvas can also be dyed any colour you wish.

Hide: The split-skin moccasins are not sewn up the front – instead they are wrapped around your calf (with a generous overlap to seal out the snow), closed up with a deer antler button and then secured with the same wrap-around lace we use for the canvas. Split-skin hides comes in a wide variety of colours, from earth-tones to fun and funky.  Inherently simpler than the canvas, and slightly easier to pull on, choose the hide uppers if you want a very simple style.

Sizing Information:

  • To accommodate 2 pairs of heavy socks, we recommend men choose a boot size that is 1 full size to a size and a half larger than their shoe size;
    (Eg. Sz 7 1/2 => Sz 9)
  • Women can convert directly to men’s sizing to get a roomy fit
    (Eg. Sz 7 w => Sz 7 M);
  • International Shoe Sizes can be determined using this page:

Decorative Trim

Lure of the North’s Decorative Trim

Additional information

Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 43 × 32 × 16 cm
Washing Instructions

May wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Will soften right back up with first use with no lasting effects.


Thick, 100% felted wool liners and insoles; deerskin or moose hide moccasins with wrap-style split-skin uppers; deer antler button and wrap-around laces;

Animal Hides and the Environment

These moccasins are made with all-natural, renewable resources and did not contribute to the killing of any animals. In today’s society no deer is ever shot just for its hide. In fact, deerskin is essentially a waste product – every year thousands of hides are left behind in the woods, or thrown out at home. Though buckskin is expensive, this is due to a labour intensive tanning process. An untanned, raw (or “green”) hide has nearly no selling value, so our use of this by-product of hunting does not financially support the killing of deer.

Where fur is used to trim our products, we select only the finest recycled furs from garments. Word is out locally that we are looking for these items and we now have a great selection on hand!

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  1. kielyn (verified owner)

    Hi Kielyn
    picked up the mocs tday…
    All i can say is Wow !!
    Awsome Awsome products
    I love the mocs and the tank
    the packaging was even awsome
    Thank you so much

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