Deer Hide


Update: Our stock and colour availability of hides is constantly changing, and it is proving difficult to keep the website up to date with our actual supply.  Not all colours listed may be in stock at all times – we will contact you with other options if necessary. Deer skin is incredibly soft and durable. Perfect for moccasins, mittens and pouches! Sold by the half or full hide at $9/sq.ft.

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Deerskin is incredibly soft and durable. It is perfect for garments such as moccasins, mittens, shirts, and hats. Or use it to make cases for any variety of tools such as specialty wood working tools. This leather is priced by the square foot (sq. ft.). Note: Because the buckskins come in a variety of square footage, we will try to obtain as close to the square footage as you’ve requested and contact you if there is a discrepancy. 


Additional information

Weight 0.900 kg
Dimensions 33 x 24 x 12 cm
Washing Instructions

May wash in cold water with mild detergeant. Lay flat to dry. May stiffen with washing but can be worked out with use.


Ideal for moccasins, mittens, hats, pouches, shirts, jackets, cases for tools


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