Beaver Pelt

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Soft, luxurious, local and sustainably harvested from Ontario and Quebec these beaver pelts are an integral part of keeping the winter traveler warm and comfortable in the Canadian wilderness.

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Sizing Information

Beavers are sized based on their width plus length, as shown in the chart below:

3X: Over 70
2X: 65″ – 70″
XL: 60″ – 65″
LG: 55″ – 60″
LM: 51″ – 55″
MD: 47″ – 51″
SM: 42″ – 47″
XS: Under 42″

Important Note: Beavers are sized and graded at the tannery before tanning.  The tanning process can shrink a hide up to 10%.  Therefore your hide (width + length) may be up to 10% smaller than the sizes listed in this chart.  With a bit of water on the skin side you can easily stretch a hide back out this 10%, but if you stretch it more than that you will likely start noticing the fur thinning.

Our Fur Philosophy

We thank the beaver for providing us with meat for our family and fur to keep us warm. We use every part of the animal and send the furs to be tanned. The American Beaver plays an important role in our ecosystem and economy and we have a great respect for all living things in our environment. We feel good knowing we are living off the land in a managed and sustainable manner. If you have any questions about the use of fur/meat please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to have a respectful conversation about it with you.

Canadian Regulations

The fur industry in Canada is a highly regulated business and designed to be a sustainable practice. Traps and trapping rules are regulated to be as humane as possible that are used are humane with many older traps banned from use.

For more information about the fur industry please visit the Fur Council of Canada’s website here.


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