Rubber Soling Kit

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Prolong the life of your buckskin moccasins by using this flexible soling kit. Great for touch-up and full applications.

Suitable to sole one pair of winter moccasins.

Please note: These are only suitable to be used on moccasins that have been made with the “flesh” (fuzzy or “suede” side) facing out!  These soles will have a high likelihood of failure if installed on the “grain” or smooth side of hides.

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Have you spent a lot of patience and effort making your moccasins at a workshop, with one of our DIY kits or had them handcrafted by us? Have them last even longer by painting this rubber sole onto your moccasins.

A combination of shredded recycled rubber mixed with a strong contact cement for a flexible sole that won’t take away your connection from feeling the Earth or snow below you. A yearly maintenance with your sole can let your moccasins take you through your adventures for much longer than keeping the hide bare.

Your soling kit comes with now even more rubber and more glue for a thicker longer lasting sole:

  • 500ml of Contact Cement
  • 70 grams of Shredded Rubber
  • Paint Brush
  • Instructions

For .pdf instructions head to our Info Hub



Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 25 cm

2 reviews for Rubber Soling Kit

  1. Julia Rowe (verified owner)

    I bought this kit to re-sole my father’s favourite pair of slippers. With trepidation, I used a hot air gun to remove the remaining gum sole. Let me tell you, messing with an old man’s favourite pair of slippers is a scary thing to do!

    Good news is, things turned out well. Everything I needed (except a stick) was included in the package. The instructions were clear and straight forward. I was glad I had watched the video so I had an idea of what things should look like along the way.

    A couple of things to note:
    1. Seemed like I had pretty much the perfect consistency for my first slipper but the bottom half of my mixture wasn’t quite as thick (rubbery). I had already spread a bunch on before I realized it. I would recommend checking the consistency before starting your second sole.
    2. The straight glue dries with a slightly greenish tinge so if you want your sole to look pretty don’t add too much glue too far away from the black sole part. The instructions just said to do a little to help seal the sole on and I think I went a little overboard.

    My father has now been wearing his newly re- soled slippers around camp and out to the outhouse for about a week now. He says they feel comfy, are flexible and give him pretty good traction on the snowy path to the shedder (our name for our combination shed and pooper! Lol!)

    Another great DIY kit from Lure of the North. Pretty soon I’m going to have to make myself a pair of moccasins and buy another rubber soling kit!

  2. Sean Davey

    Does exactly what it is supposed to do and contains everything needed to do it! Fairly easy to use. Take heed of the warning about the strong smell. It’s pungent… really pungent.

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