Nylon Webbing Bindings for Traditional Snowshoes

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*UPDATE NOV. 2021* This product is out of stock for the winter. In the spring we will reassess and sell any remaining stock. For products that are still in stock please head to Featured Products.

Incredibly simple, light and practical bindings for use with traditional snowshoes and moccasins.  Comes with instructions, or open the “Video Instructions” tab below, to see these in use. *See note below*

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*NOTE* We have struggled to find our preferred cotton lamp wick and so we have now switched to using nylon webbing. This nylon has the benefit of not stretching and is stronger so it will last longer than the lamp wick. 

We consider flexible lace bindings the ideal binding for traditional snowshoes when using soft footwear like our snowshoe moccasins (note: this style of binding tends to slip off a stiff boot – try our leather bindings for use with boots). 1″ webbing bindings are extremely simple and lightweight, and allow you, with a little practice, to slip in and out of your snowshoes hands-free! Bindings are pre-cut to an appropriate length and come with instructions.

Sizing Information

  • We use 50″ 1″ webbing for ourselves on our moccasins, and thus consider this to be “standard” length for soft footwear;
  • Those with large feet (Mens 11+) should select “Large” (60″) length;
  • Though we haven’t tried it ourselves, we’ve had others report success using lampwick on stiff boots.  XL (70″) may be required for stiff boots.

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 24 × 11 × 3 cm

Included, free of charge.


M (50"), L (60"), XL (70")

Video Instructions

1 review for Nylon Webbing Bindings for Traditional Snowshoes

  1. Mark Moderow (verified owner)

    After army surplus bindings in Boy Scouts in Minnesota in the 60s, Sherpa style mountaineering bindings and clawed snowshoes for stiff climbing boots in the 70s-80s, and lightweight bungee bindings and snowshoes for the various large boots in dogsledding and racing since then, a return to old Stowe Canoe rawhide snowshoes, mukluks and the simple, fitted Indian Hitch binding is elegant and refreshing! Your beeswax solution to raveling wick ends is ingenious. I also spray soaked my wicking in silicone Camp-Dry to keep moisture from wet snow from freezing the bindings stiff. I’m ordering more wicking to set up another pair of traditional snowshoes for my larger mushing/camping mukluks! From Denali Park, Alaska.

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