Hultafors Camp & Forest Axes

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Traditional, hand-crafted camp and forest axes made from the highest quality materials and time-honoured production methods and designs. These axes are an indispensable tool for all your wilderness activities.

All of our Hultafors axes are well-suited for typical camp and forest work.

Specific design details for our featured axes include:

Ekelund Hunting Axe: Solid and compact. Great for general camp work, precision splitting, and skinning. 20″ handle, 2 lb head (2.7 lb total weight)

Aby Forest Axe: Lightweight and versatile. Great for limbing and light splitting. 24″ handle, 1.5 lb head (2.2 lb total weight)

Qvarfot Felling Axe: Powerful. Great for heavier forestry, felling and heavier splitting. 26″ handle, 2 lb head (2.8 lb total weight)

*All axes come with leather sheath.

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Hultafors traditional axes are designed for optimal performance across the range of camp and forest jobs. Axe heads are hand forged from Swedish steel at the historic Hults Bruk in Östergötland, using time-tested methods dating back to 1697. Repeated striking during the forging process increases steel density and creates a hardened edge that can be resharpened indefinitely. Handles are made form American Hickory, shaped for proper balance and ergonomics, and treated with linseed oil. The quality and craftsmanship of these axes are superb, and guaranteed with a full lifetime warranty on the axe head.

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