Ice Chisels

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Fall, 2019: You asked, we listened!  Due to some design challenges, I had put this product on hold all last winter.  But I have had enough requests this year to start work on getting this product up and running and ready for you again for this coming winter!  I have purchased some steel, I will be conducting my first initial trial production soon, and hope to be up and running by Christmas time.  Once I finalize the design, we will be able to produce a number of these in short order and plan to have these ready for your adventures this year!  Please stay tuned, and thank you for your patience!

Ice chisels are a quintessential piece of winter gear. Under nearly all circumstances, chiseling a hole through the ice to access the liquid water underneath is much faster and more efficient than melting snow.  They also open up the possibility of ice fishing, and even polar dipping!

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Our chisels are a 2-part head composed of the blade and tang assembly and an independent ferrule.  According to our blacksmith friend who is forging these heads, this is a more efficient design than a 1-piece blade and jacket-style assembly.  He has decades of experience working as a professional stone mason, so when he speaks about efficient chisel designs, we listen!

All our ice chisels include a full-grain leather sheath and a simple wrist strap (essential to keep from losing your chisel in the lake!). We can install a 6 1/2′ natural hardwood handle, or sell just the head/ sheath alone and you cut your own handle in the bush.  But our personal favourite option is our newly-developed 2-part take-down chisel handles.  Using a premium, milled White Ash handle and stainless steel through-bolt and cotter pin this chisel breaks down to < 4′ for transportation and re-assembles in just seconds!  Our take-down chisel is also a more economical shipping option!

2-part chisel handles: Our take-down chisel handle inherently has some “play” in it.  We minimize this as much as possible by making the fit between the two parts fairly tight, but we can’t make the joint completely tight, as we have to leave some expansion room to accommodate the fact that the wood handle may later swell in the field due to moisture.  For us, having a 2-part chisel that is much easier to pack on the toboggan is well worth the little bit of play, and we don’t think it affects cutting speed.  We don’t imagine we’ll go back to a 1-part chisel, but do like to mention it before sending these out.

PLEASE NOTE: Chisels with 1-piece handles cannot be shipped via Canada Post.  We will quote a custom shipping price based upon the best available shipping method.

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Installing a Handle on our Ice Chisel


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