Spring Creek Folding Bucksaw

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Lightweight, rigid, and durable folding bucksaw with no-twist tube spine and hardware-free, lever tension, quick and easy assembly.

Available in 24″ and 30″ lengths.

Comes equipped with Raker tooth blade for green wood.



Spare Saw Blades

High quality Bahco replacement blades in “Peg tooth” for fast cutting in dry wood or “Raker tooth” for excellent clearing in green wood. If you’d like to purchase more than one spare blade, head to this page.

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The Spring Creek folding bucksaw is the next generation of lightweight, durable, and functional camp saws. The square aluminum tube spine provides strength and eliminates twisting for a solid feel and straight cuts. The classic design tensions the blade perfectly through the lever action of the handle, with no wingnuts to lose and no tensioning rods required. This saw can be put together or taken down in ~10s – with mitts on, in a snowstorm – and that’s no joke. This saw is light enough (1.35 lbs for 24″, 1.65 lbs for 30″) to go with us on all our outings every season of the year, yet robust enough for winter use. Works with our 24″ and 30″ Bahco Peg and Raker tooth blades.


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24", 30"


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