Further Down the Missinaibi


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This is it, the big one!  The longest, possibly hardest trip that Lure has ever offered!  We will continue the epic adventure that was the Missinaibi Headwaters, and continue further north on this majestic river!

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LOTN Explorer’s Club 2019!

Three weeks and 160km of uninterrupted winter wilderness on a Canadian Heritage River, need we say more? (If “yes”, read on below).

The “Upper Missinaibi” section continues where the “Missinaibi Headwaters” expedition leaves off.  We’ll continue north, downstream, through 160km of the steepest section of this whitewater river, passing rapids and waterfalls aplenty.

Multi-week trips like these are what we dreamed about when we started Lure of the North, so we’re extremely excited about offering our longest trip to date!  The level of immersion from three weeks of winter wandering will be profound and your body and mind will sing from the joys and hardship of a physical winter expedition.  This will truly be an adventure of a lifetime.

This will be our Explorer’s Club Expedition of 2019, meaning a flexible attitude is required.  Neither Kielyn or Dave have walked this section of river in the winter, so every rapid and challenge will be a new discovery for the whole team.  This historically important travel route would have been snowshoed regularly in years past, but we will very likely be the first team to walk this section of river in many decades!

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Feb 23 – Mar 16, 2019

Start and end location

The trip will start and end in Sudbury, ON.


22 days (20 on trip!)




The upper Missinaibi River, from the abandoned logging town of Peterbell to the town of Mattice.


This is breaking new ground for us: the longest and possibly hardest trip we've offered. A high level of physical and mental preparedness is required. If you haven't joined us for a previous trip, please contact us!


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