Magical Mystery Tour

Dates: TBD 2020

We’ve been poring over maps of our new home for years, dreaming about all of the travel options just outside our doorstep.  This year we’ll head out and explore a new adventure.

This trip was originally published as the “magical mystery tour” because we hadn’t finalized the route.  Now we have finalized the route, but we thought the mystery tour was a fun idea, so we’re keeping it secret!

If you’re interested in a week of hard travel in the winter, through beautiful and varied terrain, you won’t be disappointed in the adventure we’re planning!

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LOTN Explorer’s Club 2019!

By popular demand, we’re once again offering a week-long hard travel trip.  There is something incredibly satisfying about building a cozy home in the winter wilderness each night, only to break it down the next morning and strike off for parts unknown.  Team work is essential, challenges are numerous, the rewards are fantastic and the elation of a hard day’s work and a comfortable camp well earned are feelings that never cease to please!  Not everyone is lucky enough to get 2 or 3 weeks off in the winter, so this is your opportunity to experience a travel trip in a more manageable week-long chunk!

Mystery Tour:  If you’re like us, you might feel like there’s an unlimited number of amazing travel routes available in Northern Ontario, and no trip is a bad trip!  Any time spent exploring the waterways and woodlands is time to be cherished.  We’re testing the theory here that the exact route doesn’t matter, and more important is the folks we travel with, the time on the land and the adventures along the way.  Nonetheless, we think we have an amazing route selected, which promises lots of stunning scenery, variety, surprises and challenges along the way.

(Psst.  If you can’t handle the suspense, contact us and we might tell you the route, if you’re lucky!)

This will be one of two Explorer’s Club Expeditions for 2019!  We’re heading out on a route we haven’t traveled in the winter, so interested participants should have a flexible attitude and be prepared for a possibly shifting route and plans as we deal with challenges and adventures that arise! Read more about the Explorer’s Club.

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Jan 26 – Feb 2, 2019


8 days


~ 60km


Near Golden Pond (Lure's basecamp, South of Espanola, ON), NW corner of Killarney Provincial Park, northern Georgian Bay.


This is a travel oriented trip, meaning we'll get up, strike camp, load our toboggans and haul them for hours before stopping to set camp, cut wood, haul boughs, chip a water hole, etc. There's a lot of work that goes into winter travel, and we'll be doing it most days!


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