*2024* Brain Tanning and Wild Game Butchery

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Dates: Mar 2-9. 2024

LAST CHANCE! This course will not be offered in the same format next year. It is a fantastic course, so if you’re on the fence, the time is now!

Our 8-day Brain Tanning and Wild Game Butchery course has grown out of our popular “Life on the Trapline” trip.  We realized there was so much to cover and learn and practice when it comes to processing meat and furs, that it needed a course all its own!

Hide Included! Included in the price, you will take home one hide that you worked on yourself.  Because of the vagaries of wilderness trapping and because of the learning nature of this course we cannot guarantee the size or species of hide you will receive.  There may also be holes from the skinning and scraping process as these will be student-processed hides.  If you want to clean, preserve and take home a skull, that is included too!

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Two Halves of a Whole: This course builds upon our “Life on the Trapline” expedition.  The two courses are completely different, but perfectly complementary.  If you want to take the full experience (2 weeks) from field to table and clothing, then we’ll provide $200 off each course.  (This offer is also valid for those coming from Kielyn’s Winter Survival Course!)

This course takes place entirely at our wilderness lodge on “Golden Pond”.  You will hike in 8km (gear shuttle provided) to our beautiful remote retreat, and spend the week sleeping in our heated permanent wall tent cabins and working in the “skinning shack”.  We will cover all aspects of taking harvested game and utilizing as much of the animal as possible.

Topics Include:

  • Skinning, scraping and boarding hides for drying;
  • Brain tanning fur-on hides;
  • Butchering game;
  • Identifying and best utilizing different cuts of meats (fry meat, stew meat, ground meat, etc);
  • Packaging and Preserving meat (jerky making);
  • Preparing organ meat;
  • Rendering fat into grease;
  • Soap making utilizing grease;
  • Cleaning and preserving skulls;

Brain Tanning

For those unfamiliar with brain tanning, it is a traditional process of hide preparation and preservation that uses a combination of the animal’s own oily brains and your elbow grease to soften a rawhide, plus smoke as a preservative.  It makes a naturally soft, beautiful and durable product that requires no harsh chemicals.

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Mar 2-9, 2024


Lure's wilderness basecamp "Golden Pond", near Espanola, Ontario (nearest airport: Sudbury, ON)


There is an 8km hike into and out of our wilderness property at the start and end of the trip. A gear shuttle is provided to make this hike easier. This is the least strenuous of all of our courses, primarily taking place indoors. However, you should still expect full days of standing, twisting, pushing, pulling, scraping, lifting, etc.

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  1. Jordan

    Do a course with Kie and Dave! Anything they offer will be great!

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