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Want a fun, educational, hands-on experience for you and your kids this winter?! This is it! A skills-focused, intro to winter camping program run out of Lure’s wilderness home on Golden Pond followed directly by the Vast Horizons 4-day expedition.

Special COVID-19 cancellation policy!  With nobody able to foresee what travel conditions are going to look like this coming winter, we have a policy in place that completely protects your trip investment against COVID-19 related travel restrictions or cancellations. Please see our Policies and Conditions page for more details.

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*NOTE* Min. 1 big kid for 1 kid (can’t come unsupervised). Max 2 kids to each big kid

The Kids version of our Adult programming! It’s not watered down because we think they can handle it! This is a great week to spend with the kids in a natural setting forest school!

This intro to winter camping program is focused on developing the skills required for travelling comfortably in tough conditions and having fun while doing it!  The program starts with a 8 km hike on packed trails into our remote base camp property on Golden Pond, where you will settle into one of our fixed or portable accommodations for the first 2 nights, and then put all your new skills to the test on our 4-day Vast Horizons Expedition.

Training Camp will be spent almost entirely outside, with practical lessons including:

  • Selecting, felling and processing firewood;
  • Use and harvesting of “green” wood for bough floors, pickets and more;
  • Packing toboggans;
  • Chiseling ice holes;
  • Winter cooking & baking;
  • Winter navigation;
  • Ice safety;
  • … And much more!

Vast Horizons

The route into Mt. Ararat will begin right from the Pond and follow lakes and portage trails to into the beautiful high lakes of the Lacloche Mountains.  One tough day will bring us to the base of Mt. Ararat.  Day 2 will see us leaving our toboggans and the lakes behind as we set off into the forest up the flank of Mt. Ararat.  If we are successful in our summit, we hope to be rewarded with expansive views to the south over Lake Huron’s “Bay of Islands”. We will then take a nice leisurely day at the same camp and spend the day ice fishing, building snowmen, playing games in the tent and eating lots of yummy food.

Our journey out takes us through a beautiful chain of creeks and wetlands which would be nearly impassable any other time of the year! We also pass through a massive deer yard in which you are almost sure to see many tracks, deer, and potentially even a kill. So don’t forget your camera!

Price Includes:

  • Snowmobile shuttle of gear into remote property;
  • 5 nights of tent living;
  • All meals including snacks for the duration of the program;
  • Group gear such as tent, toboggans, safety equipment, kitchen, and communication devices;
  • Instruction and guidance from the Lure team!

If you’re unfamiliar with our approach to winter camping, check out our Philosophy page and our Expedition Overview page.  Also see our Policies and Conditions.

Additional information


Two days training on Golden Pond followed by four days on the trail – 6 days total


This trip will involve at least 8km of snowshoeing to reach our camp (with snowmobile support to shuttle gear) both ways. Program activities around our property will also include another few kilometres of travel on foot.

The Vast Horizons expedition is 18 km starting right from the pond and finishing at your vehicles.


The first portion of the program will take place on "Golden Pond", our brand-new, off-road, off-grid, wilderness property just west of Espanola, and nestled in at the flanks of the beautiful La Cloche Mountains in which we will travel through for the Vast Horizons expedition that follows!


As this is an introductory program focused on skill development it is the least physically demanding of all of our programs. However, participants should still be prepared to spend full days working outdoors in all weather and nights in a canvas tent heated by wood stove.

The Vast Horizons portion of the experience is three full days of winter travel with portages and a steep hike to the Summit of Mt. Ararat. Good physical condition is recommended.


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