Temagami Explorations: Maskinonge/ Donald Lake


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Join us to explore the expansive lakes, tight creeks and small ponds of Temagami’s southern end.  This was Explorer’s Club Expedition for 2017!

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EC 2017We are blessed in Sudbury to be less than an hour from one of the finest accessible wilderness areas our province has to offer: Temagami.  This 7-day, 74 km journey starting and ending on Kukagami Lake will take us through small and large lakes, along tight creek canyons and across numerous varied portages.  We scouted a section of this route in January 2015.  Ice conditions in January were not conducive to travel through a very neat canyon section, but it convinced us to return again another time later in the winter.  We look forward to revisiting this beautiful route!

Note: This is our Explorer’s Club Expedition of 2017!  As it is not as long or ambitious as some of our previous Explorer’s Club trips, we like to think of it as an “accessible Explorer’s Club”.  That is, you shouldn’t need Herculean endurance or 3 weeks of vacation to complete it, but you should have that same flexible Explorer’s attitude that we ask for on all of our expeditions!  See the Explorer’s Club section for more details.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with “traditional winter camping” as we practice it, and for more general information about all of our guided trips, head to this page.



We are excited to announce that internationally recognized and award winning film maker Goh Iromoto and his mega-talented partner Courtney Boyd will be joining us on this expedition to make a short film. The film will be focused on highlighting the beauty of the landscape, the toughness that is inherent to winter and the love for the winter trail that we have.

Participants can contact us for more information. The filming shouldn’t be too disruptive in the flow of this expedition since they will be focused on getting real footage, but a willingness to be flexible will be of value just like it is for any Explorer’s Club expedition.

To find out more about Goh and Courtney please follow the link to his website here.

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Feb 18 – 25, 2017


7 days, 1 prep and 6 on trip;


~74 km


Temagami's South End


Moderate to high fitness and a great attitude is required for this expedition. This is our Explorer's Club Expedition for 2017 so a keen sense of adventure and flexibility is of the utmost importance.


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