*2020* Killarney-Bound Big Water Expedition

$300.00$1,200.00 CAD

Dates: Jan 25 – Feb 1
Price: $1200

SOLD OUT! This trip is currently sold out.  For another week-long travel trip in a similar location, please see our Georgian Bay Bigwater Expedition. Otherwise, if you’d like to be added to the wait list for this particular trip, please send an email to: info@lureofthenorth.com.

This was a new, exploratory trip in 2019 that we’ve slightly revised to make even better for 2020! If you’re interested in a week of hard travel in the winter, through beautiful and varied terrain, you won’t be disappointed in the adventure we’re planning!

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There is something incredibly satisfying about building a cozy home in the winter wilderness each night, only to break it down the next morning and strike off for parts unknown.  Team work is essential, challenges are numerous, the rewards are fantastic and the elation of a hard day’s work and a comfortable camp well earned are feelings that never cease to please!  Not everyone is lucky enough to get 2 or 3 weeks off in the winter, so this is your opportunity to experience a travel trip in a more manageable week-long chunk!

Beautiful Georgian Bay!
This route starts in the small village of Willisville, and heads towards the NW entrance of Killarney PP.  From there we’ll strike a route south, over the LaCloche mountains, and break out into the big waters of Georgian Bay!  The route continues down into the incredible Baie Fine, and finishes with one of the most unique trip endings we offer: a walk down the town of Killarney’s main channel, and right to Herbert’s “World Famous” Fishery for a post-trip celebration!

A great opportunity for a linear, one-way trip with us taking care of the shuttle logistics for you!


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Jan 25 – Feb 1, 2020


8 days


~ 60km


From the village of Willisville to the town of Killarney, traveling along the beautiful shoreline of northern Georgian Bay!


This is a travel oriented trip, meaning we'll get up, strike camp, load our toboggans and haul them for hours before stopping to set camp, cut wood, haul boughs, chip a water hole, etc. There's a lot of work that goes into winter travel, and we'll be doing it most days!
Snow pack on the big water tends to be easier to travel in versus the soft snow of smaller interior lakes.


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