Winter Survival with Jordan Jonas

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Dates: Mar 2 – 8, 2020
Cost: $1650 CAD (~ $1250 USD, depending on current exchange)

International Guests: We’ve just made this course much easier for you to attend by offering free accommodation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada the night before and after the course, and a free shuttle from Toronto to the course location.  Limited quantities, see details below.

Join survival expert and winner of Alone’s season 6, Jordan Jonas on a week-long winter survival adventure!  Jordan will share with us some of the knowledge and skills he’s acquired over a number of years in diverse situations: living with the nomadic Evenki people, traveling the US and surviving Alone for months in Canada’s far north with minimal tools.

This is a hands-on winter survival adventure taking place fully in the field on Lure of the North’s crown trapline.  We will build our shelters, cut our wood and catch our own food in an effort to survive and thrive alongside Jordan!

When the work is done and we’re settled in, this will be a rare opportunity to spend evenings around the campfire, swapping stories and knowledge with Jordan!

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This 7-day winter survival course will take place fully in the field.  We will bring with us only a limited number of items, and a limited amount of food.  From there we will rely on Jordan’s three tenets of wilderness survival to thrive: ingenuity, adaptability and resilience.  Our warmth and comfort at night will rely on the shelters we build and the fire we feed and manage.  Our meals will be supplemented with the game we trap and the fish we catch.

Jordan Jonas

If you haven’t seen Season 6 of History Channel’s Alone, spoiler alert, Jordan wins! But it was not simply the winning that impressed us so much, it was the manner in which Jordan did it. Jordan was dropped off on the shores of Great Slave Lake in Canada’s far north, with minimal equipment and winter setting in. Displaying an incredible sense of humour and enthusiasm, boundless energy and a vast array of practiced wilderness living skills, Jordan proceeded to harvest moose, wolverine, hares, trout and pike; build and protect his cache of precious food from other hungry predators; make clothing from the furs, and live in comfort and good health through bitterly cold conditions.

During his nearly 3 months living Alone in Canada’s boreal forest, Jordan had the opportunity to separate theory from reality and further develop his approach to real world wilderness survival.  This is an awesome opportunity for all of us to learn from someone, who has been there, lived it and is willing to share!

Find out more about Jordan on his website or his Facebook page, and definitely check out Alone Season 6 as well!

What’s Covered:

This is a modern winter survival course.  We will follow all local legal requirements and standards in terms of catching fish and game, including the use of modern, ethical trap sets.  However, we will purposely limit the amount of equipment we bring, so as to test and refine our skills and ingenuity, and reduce our dependence on carried items. Topics include:

  • Shelter building and fire management;
  • Wood selection and processing;
  • Safe and efficient trap handling;
  • Snowshoe hare snaring;
  • Game processing and meat preparation;
  • Safe ice travel;
  • Survival snowshoes or skis;
  • Bushcraft/ woodcraft (have you seen Jordan’s cache and ladder from Alone!?)

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Unlike Jordan‘s time on Alone, there won’t be a pot of cash for the winner at the end, so we’re not going to starve you, freeze you or put you in a competition, but we are going to spend the entire week in the field, with limited supplies, working together as a team to provide our warmth, comfort and food.  This may test you or put you outside of your comfort zone at times, but we’re not trying to break anybody!  We want you to expand your limits and experience the sense of satisfaction and camaraderie that comes from banding together to provide the necessities of life in a harsh landscape!

Small Group Size!

We will be a small group of 12 participants maximum, plus Jordan and Lure of the North staff. Truly an amazing opportunity to spend some real bush time learning wilderness survival skills and strategies from Jordan and the rest of the team!

Canadian Pricing!

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Special Limited Offer for International Guests!

To make your travel arrangements smoother, more enjoyable and more affordable, we’re offering all of the below free:

  • Free pickup from airport shuttle to BnB accommodations in Toronto, Ontario Canada on March 1st;
  • Free continental breakfast on March 2nd;
  • Free shuttle from BnB to course location on March 2nd;
  • Free post-trip shuttle from course location to BnB on March 8th;
  • Free BnB accommodation in Toronto on March 8th;
  • Free continental breakfast on March 9th;
  • Free drop off at airport shuttle on March 9th.

All you have to do is fly to the Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and take a short shuttle to downtown Toronto, and we’ll take care of the rest!  This offer is limited to the first 3 international guests who sign up and indicate they’d like to take advantage of this.

Lure of the North

Jordan is teaming up with Lure of the North to offer this winter survival course.  2020 will be our tenth winter offering courses and expeditions in Ontario, Canada.  Kielyn and Dave Marrone each have 100s of winter nights and 1000s of kilometres of snowshoe travel experience from their home on the north shore of Lake Huron, right up to the Arctic Ocean on James Bay.  This course will take place on our crown trapline, where we can legally and ethically fish and trap fur bearers throughout the winter.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call or write us at

You can find more info about Lure of the North at our Qualifications and Experiences page or our Philosophy of Winter Travel page.

Additional information


Mar 2 – 8, 2020


7 days, all taking place in the field.


Lacloche "mountains" on the north shore of Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

Nearest airport

Sudbury, ON (YSB)


Travel and survival in deep snow conditions can be very physically challenging. The nature of this course, including dealing with cold, possible hunger and the vagaries of wilderness living can also be mentally challenging.

Experience Required

This is not a certification course, there is no pass or fail. This course is designed to allow Jordan to share some of his vast body of knowledge of survival techniques in cold, northern forests. A solid background in wilderness skills, including comfortable use of axe and knife are recommended but not required.