Wilderness Survival: Prepare to be Alone

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This course is designed for people with a desire to learn what I believe it takes to survive in the wilderness for an extended period. Whether you’re looking to be a participant on ALONE, or just want to train for a, “what if” scenario, I can be your guide!

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Prepare to be Alone

Survival Training for a Healthy and Safe Journey Alone in the Wilderness

Why? This is a question that is VERY important to ask yourself. We will explore the why and the consequences and rewards of embarking on your survival journey alone.

How can you navigate your journey in a safe way? We will explore the fundamentals of moving through the wilderness in a safe, productive and practical way.

Are you mentally tough and resilient?

What does it take to be with yourself for 80 days or longer? We will dive deep into what it means to be your own coach, best friend, confidant and support system.

Skills we will cover:

The Mind – Perception

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way, becomes the way.”

– Marcus Aurelius

Flexibility, Emotional Agility, Recognize Your Power, Find the Opportunity

The Body – Action

Then imitate the action of the tiger; stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood.”


Safety, Shelter, Gathering, Snaring/Bow, Fire, Iterate, Iterate, Iterate!

The Soul- Will

Offer a guarantee and disaster threatens”“Ancient inscription at the Oracle of Delphi”

Prepare for None of it to Work, Amor Fati, Something Bigger Than Yourself, Prepare to Start Again


This course is designed for people with a desire to learn, from my perspective, what is takes to survive in the wilderness for an extended period of time. Whether you’re looking to actually be a participant on the show, or just want to train for a, “what if” scenario, I can be your guide.

We will spend the week in home made shelters built by you. We will live off of rations and whatever we catch or harvest.

We will be working in small groups for shelters but will have opportunities for a solo overnight in basic shelters.

The week will be full of practical skills development with a heavy focus on pushing through your limits and what it takes to find the opportunities in every situation. Find the good in the bad. Alter your perception to make each challenge a lesson and a blessing.

“…there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”– Shakespeare (Hamlet)

Think you have what it takes? Or want to give it a try under the safety of my guidance? Let’s do this!

What’s Included:

  • Rations (~ 1,500 calories/day in the form of nuts, fruit, rice and legumes);
  • Group gear such as bug tent, tarps, safety equipment, and communication devices;
  • Boat shuttle to and from basecamp;
  • 7 nights of wilderness living on our private property with access to cut trees for primitive shelters;
  • Instruction and guidance from Kielyn! (S7 finalist and professional wilderness guide!)

What’s Not included:

  • Personal gear and clothing;
  • Transportation from airport or town. Carpooling may be possible.

Optional: There is an opportunity to specifically talk about filming yourself since the whole ALONE journey is captured directly by you. There is no camera crew. So I can help you understand the basic techniques of framing, techniques and strategies for filming yourself with as minimal effort as possible.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please bring your own tripod, camera and extra batteries. A phone camera or GoPro will do!

Special COVID-19 cancellation policy!  With nobody able to foresee what travel conditions are going to look like this coming season, we have a policy in place that completely protects your trip investment against COVID-19 related travel restrictions or cancellations. Please see our Policies and Conditions page for more details.

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July 31- Aug 7 (7 nights, 8 days)


Challenge by choice! This is a course that is designed for everyone at every level. An open mind is the most important skill you can have. A basic level of competency in wilderness travel and living will be an asset. A comfort camping on hard surfaces baring the elements will also come in handy.


LOTN Basecamp and into the rugged untouched land of spruce, fir, birch and pines!

Books to Read

Focus on the Mind:
The Obstacle is the Way- Ryan Holiday
Meditations- Marcus Aurelius
Ego is the Enemy- Ryan Holiday
How to Be Free- Epictetus

Focus on Hard Skills:
Bushcraft: Mors Kochanski
Edible and Medicinal Plants of Canada: Andrew MacKinnon
Tracking and the Art of Seeing: Paul Rezendes
Wildwood Wisdom: Ellsworth Jaeger
Wilderness Survival Field Guide: Tom Brown
Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living: John and Geri McPherson
Primitive Wilderness Living and Survival Skills: John and Geri McPherson

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  1. Hannah Anderson (verified owner)

    I had an absolutely incredible and eye opening experience in this course. I was really nervous going in as I’m a total beginner and I didn’t know what to expect, but I loved every part of it, even in moments of struggle. Kielyn was so good at pushing us past our limits but also encouraging us to listen to our bodies and knowing when to rest. I learned so many skills and found a very satisfying sense of purpose in our day to day survival activities. I’m beyond happy that I found Lure of The North and I feel like I’ve come home with a fresh perspective on life. I’ve already signed up for a winter expedition. Truly cannot wait to go back!

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