Coyote Heads – FREE!

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These Eastern Coyotes can be used in ceremonies, as charms, or you could use the super soft top of the head for the back of your mittens. Comes with a complimentary foot.

We have started using new coyote pelts for our anoraks because we have noticed the quality of the skin decreasing with aging fur jackets. The harvesting of coyotes in Canada is sustainable and as you can see we are trying to use all of the animal without any waste.

Cost: 1 point.

See below for more info on how to claim this free stuff!

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How to get free stuff!

Every $100 you spend (before tax or shipping) gets you 1 point, which you need to spend immediately (no stockpiling, that’s an accounting headache waiting to happen!). Spend your points on free stuff by adding it to your cart.  Different stuff has different point costs.

No cheating!  We didn’t set up any sophisticated software for point tracking.  Its just a manual system.  So the software will allow you to add unlimited free stuff, but we won’t let that slip past our defenses and will contact you to modify our order.

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