Handmade Beaver Soap!

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Literally made with the oil from the beavers that we harvest for our sustenance for the year. This soap is by far the most hydrating soap I have ever used. It’s like a shampoo and conditioner in one! Smells fresh and feels clean. From our beaver to yours… Enjoy!

Current Scent: Tea Tree and Eucalyptus

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The story from our beaver to yours!

For the last 7 years we have been sustainably harvesting beaver on our crown trapline for food and pelts to make clothing. We use every part of the animal. From filling our freezer to feed our family and friends, to tanning the hides to make mittens and moccasins to making soap from the rendered fat!

Made in small batches this soap is a limited quantity item in which I make in the spring and then have to wait until the next harvest to make more.

There are only three ingredients to make this soap. Distilled water, beaver fat, sodium hydroxide. That’s it! If you want a scented soap then at the very end you add the essential oil of your choosing.

A note about sodium hydroxide: In the soapification the sodium hydroxide (lye) is chemically changed into soap and glycerol. At the end of the soapifacation there is no lye left so you don’t have to worry about the caustic properties. So you can use this or any soap for that matter rest assured that there is no lye left in your soap!

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