Update Nov. 2021: Our WWORP’d program will not be available again until spring 2022 as we prepare to head out for a 90-day snowshoe trek this coming winter. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Get WWORP'd!

Get WWORP’d!

Many of our readers have heard of WWOOFers: idealistic, passionate and enthusiastic folk who love nature and volunteer to spend long days working on organic farms getting their fingernails dirty or their shins bloody. They sound a lot like the kinds of folk that would do well here at the pond! So without further ado, we’d like to invite anyone who meets the above description to come on out and get WWORP’d* on Golden Pond! Read on below, and then contact us if you think you’d be a good fit! *(Willing Workers on Remote Properties – our play on Willing Workers on Organic Farms) Here’s the deal: You’re looking to gain some first-hand insight/ experience about living off-grid in a remote location (30min W of Espanola, ON), and we’re looking for (wo)man-power to help get ‘er done this season.

Our first WWORPers, reporting for morning roll call!

Our first WWORPers, reporting for morning roll call!

What’s in it for you:

  • Free food and lodging for the duration of your stay on our remote 40ac property surrounded on all sides by wild crown land;
  • Boat shuttles to and from the property pre-/ post- stay.
  • Use of our canoe and other recreational equipment to access surrounding wilderness during down time;
  • Work required is varied and often interesting. We (Kielyn and Dave) are both keen teachers and would love to share some of our developing knowledge with you!

Our Expectations:

  • We want workers that can commit enough time to get settled into the property, learn some of the tasks required and really start to be productive – to that end, we would like a minimum commitment of 5 days;
  • You should be hard-working, and enjoy strenuous physical activity in a natural setting;
  • Flexibility is key – not all jobs are glamorous, and most (all) require some element of lifting and carrying heavy objects back and forth across the property!
  • Appreciation of fine board games a definite plus! :)
The pond: home!

The pond: home!

The Property:

  • It is a remote, boat-access property;
  • There is no running water, and electricity is somewhat limited; (We have a generator, but only run it when necessary – eg. building)
  • Cellular internet, thus data is limited (no streaming Game of Thrones!);
  • Accommodations will be in a large: 13′ x 15′ canvas wall tent. Checkout our “Glamping” page for more information about the accommodation.

WWORPing Parties! You can come get WWORP’d with us anytime that we’re available, but each year we’ll advertise a few weeks that are particularly important for extra help (eg. firewood, large building projects).  This can be a great social time to meet like-minded people  and enjoy a social work bee! Interested? Contact us!