10 oz Cotton Canvas Anoraks w/ Fur Ruff

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Our original 10oz cotton canvas anoraks.  For our new light-weight 5oz version go here.

100% cotton canvas anoraks for use as a durable, breathable, wind-proof layer, with natural fur ruff on the hood.



Add a Traditional Inkle Woven Sash for 10% off the regular price.


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10oz vs 5oz comparison:

Anorak size and weight comparison.

Anorak size and weight comparison.

This 10oz cotton anorak is our original field-tested design and material that has accompanied each of us for nearly a decade and well over a thousand kilometres of winter travel.  It is a durable, reliable piece of gear that will keep you warm and comfortable for many, many years to come.  If you want to use your anorak as a personal snow shelter while crashing through snow-laden spruce boughs in search of firewood, this item is for you.  If you want the lightest, smallest option available and will use it primarily for wind protection on the open lakes, or on cleared trails then you should look at our new lightweight 5oz canvas anoraks.

Why Cotton?
Modern waterproof/ breathable fabrics wick moisture through small pores between the material fibres.  Cotton wicks moisture right through the fibres themselves, making for a much more breathable fabric.  We use a naturally windproof tight-weave canvas, which we pre-shrink to tighten the weave further.   Our anoraks are sized large to protect the large muscles of your thighs, and accommodate lots of layers underneath – even a down jacket for those frigidly cold lunch stops!

Why Fur?
We think a coyote fur ruff is essential for a good anorak hood, so these come standard on all our anoraks.  Fur ruffs are not just for looking good (but it helps that they do!), the fur actually traps warm air inside the hood, creating a comfortable micro climate in front of you face.  Say good bye to your icy balaclava!


This is a general guideline for the sizing of our anorak. Remember, these are designed to fit loose to accommodate for bulky wool layers underneath.

Height (ft)       Weight (lbs)       Anorak Size

5                        100-130                   Small

5’4 – 5’8            130-165                 Medium

5’9 – 6′              165-200                  Large

6′ – 6’4              200-235                X-Large

6’2 +                   235+                   XX-Large

Decorative Trim

Decorative Trim LOTN


2016 Fur Update

After years of using recycled fur from old jackets, we’ve decided to make the switch to purchasing new Eastern Coyote pelts.  These are trapped in Canada and from a Canadian source.  Getting consistent, reliable quality jackets was just too difficult with increased demand, and we must say the new furs we are getting are really exceptional quality.

The fur industry in Canada is a highly regulated business and designed to be a sustainable practice. Traps and trapping rules are regulated to be as humane as possible that are used are humane with many older traps banned from use.

For more information about the fur industry please visit the Fur Council of Canada’s website here.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 44 x 23 x 17 cm

Small, Medium, Large, XL (+$10), XXL (+$20)


100% untreated 10oz cotton canvas, durable, wind-resistant and breathable.

Shipping Information

Local pickup is free on all orders., We will ship internationally. For all deliveries, we will contact you after your order has been placed with an actual shipping cost. We will not ship any items until we have confirmed shipping costs with you. If you are unhappy with shipping rates we will refund your purchase in full.

4 reviews for 10 oz Cotton Canvas Anoraks w/ Fur Ruff

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    My anorak was delivered today. Oh. My. God. It’s so beautiful I dunno if I can take it outside and risk it getting hurt, much like Gransfors Bruks axes. The canvas is soft, heavy and strong. Your website DOES NOT do your products justice. I certainly wish to do more business with you and yours. Please let Mom know she rules on this. When my wife sees this thing be prepared for an order for our grand daughter, and we’d REALLY like the bee trim your brother used if available. I would pay a great deal more for this anorak, Thanks, Dave, and everyone else. I made the acquaintance of your family AND received a wicked great piece of gear that WILL be passed to my family. Things like this are special to me and you are now a part of that. Thanks again.


    PS Please use any, part or all of my emails to promote your site should you care to do so. I support your efforts and your products. I can and will write a review of the anorak and sash should you like an official one. Customer service is my big thing and you provided EXCELLENT service. I’d like to tell that story in a review for you. Lastly, please let me know if the money wasn’t enough to cover your expenses. I pay people what they’re worth TO ME, and you and yours are worth quite a bit. I don’t want to think about you losing money on this deal, it’ll make the anorak less enjoyable if that’s the case. ~Joe

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I bought the light weight diy anorak with fur ruff on the hood. I wanted to be able to wash the anorak without damaging the fur so I modified the instructions and made the fur removable by adding velcro to the fur as well as inside and outside of the hood. This worked well and is easy to remove .

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    I bought the anorak in the fall of 2015 so I have used it for a winter and a half. Over my 40 plus years of outdoor activity I have seen and heard a lot of claims about equipment which many times doesn’t turn out to be as good as advertised. For example, Gore Tex waterproof yes, breathable no. I have warn a raincoat in temperatures just above freezing with a hat so I didn’t have to wear the hood and within about 20 min my shirt is half soaked with sweat just walking.

    When I first got the anorak I found it to be very professionally sewn and looked great with the trim on. I have found the claim of windproof and breathable to be true. It breaths much better than uncoated nylon which I have often had to unzip and then got cold with the wind blowing through my insulating layers. With the top open it does allow some warm air to escape and yet still protects the neck area from the wind. The large front pocket is handy to put gloves and hat in to adjust layers to keep you comfortable. The fur ruff is very helpful to protect your face from the cold. Earlier this winter we had a night where we had 35-40 MPH (58-67 KPH) winds and I was comfortable walking into the wind with the hood up. The white color makes me easier to see at night walking in town.

    I tend to be warm with activity. I have found wearing the anorak over a long sleeved wool baselayer works fine for temps above 20 degrees F (-7 C). For temps from 0-20 degrees F (-7 to -17 C) I add a lightweight wool shirt. For temps below 0 F (-17 C) I add a fleece. In warmer temps I wear a wool headband and in colder temps a lightweight wool hat. I wear liner gloves in warmer temps and put on heavier gloves in colder temps. I put the hood up or down as needed to deal with temp and/or winds. I noticed that when the hood is down it folds nicely to keep the inside dry if it’s snowing. The 10 oz fabric is tough enough to deal with bushwhacking.

    In summary this is the best piece of winter clothing I have ever bought.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I placed an order for the large anorak with coyote fur Ruff, and it came within the exact shipping estimate which was great. The product itself is everything I hoped for and more, well worth the money. The anorak is excellent quality and has attention to detail and many features.One feature I really like is the pouch in the middle, which has a half separation so you may touch your hands together and/or stow items in, also that the hood had a Velcro adjuster to change the depth.It was nice that I was given the option before the Anorak was shipped, to add a colored decoration. The service was prompt, precise and overall great. Lure of the North are some great people. I will probably be making more purchases in the future from them.

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