Season’s Retail Cut Off December 1st!!!

Because of the amazing support of you wonderful people, we have reached our maximum output for the season. Being only a two-person show we simply cannot keep up and expect to run a successful expedition season which is where our true passion lies.

But we are giving you until DECEMBER 1ST to get your orders in for the entire winter season. That’s right! We won’t be filling orders this winter season as all of our energy will be focused on the expeditions.

There will still be delays in receiving your products for those that do place their orders before December 1st. Our best estimate of delays are as follows:

  • ~ 1 week or less: Snowshoes and snowshoe weaving kits; toboggan making kits; Kni-Co Alaskan stoves, books; hides, socks, books, head gear & other swag
  • 1 – 2 weeks: Finished toboggans, mitten and moccasin kits
  • 2 – 3 weeks: Ice chisels, anorak kits;
  • 3+ weeks: sewn goods like anoraks*, tanks, top bags and stove bags

*ANORAK note: Our anoraks have about 14 different trim options. So we do have a few anoraks on the shelf with pre-sewn trim that are ready and available. If you want a particular trim you will likely have to wait 3+ weeks. If you want an anorak ASAP, please call us and you may be able to skip the line if you’re happy to take something off the shelf.

Thank you all for the incredible support and I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy the beauty and wonder of the winter months.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

– Kielyn and Dave

Early Christmas Rush!

The perfect toboggan load full of goodies!

THANK YOU to all of you wonderful people that have been getting your orders in early. We are going as fast as we can with filling orders. But there is a ripple effect that slows down your package from arriving at your door. It starts right from our suppliers, then the postal service shipping it to us. Then the slow down of our own production. Because of the uncertainty of COVID-19 we are a TWO-person show for the whole year! So we’re going as fast as we can but it’s inherently slower. Then of course the time it takes for Canada Post to get your package to your door. Delays all across the board.

And SO! If you want your package for Christmas time, you have to order now!

At the moment, most things are still shipping very quickly. Sewn goods, like anoraks, tanks, top bags and stove bags are subject to longer (2 – 3 week) delays, but most other items are heading out same week! That may change as the season progresses!

Please understand that we want to get your package to you ASAP. But things are a bit funny this year and wait times are extended because of it.

Thank you so much for your patience and support.

With gratitude,

-Kielyn and Dave

New Product: Ice Chisels Gone Wrong!

Well tested… in wood.

Product development has its ups and downs. This one was a down that we think is going to turn out pretty well for some people anyways. We brought in a pile of these log peeling spuds, thinking they could make decent ice chisels, but they came in much lighter than we were anticipating. And while we were waiting for them to ship, we came up with a much better, locally produced design. So we decided not to pursue these as a really nice ice chisel. But instead of a really nice ice chisel, we realized they could make a really low-cost ice chisel for people looking to save some cash.

You’re not going to find a service ice chisel head for $25 Canadian anywhere else (far as we’re aware).

Check them out: Ice Chisel Gone Wrong.


After popular demand we have officially added a trip specifically for kids and their supervisors to come and challenge themselves in a safe fun environment. It’s like our adult program- but with kids! So if you’re wanting a winter trip but want to bring your kids, now’s your chance. Check out the page here: KIDS and BIG KIDS

LOTN Anoraks! As Seen on TV!

Kielyn was prepared for winter! Thinking long term, she decided to swap out her rain jacket for her Anorak. She knew that a rainy fall could be possible, but she also knew that a cold winter was immanent. Our anoraks are the perfect winter companion. Blocks the frigid north air, big enough to layer up underneath and looks great too! It doesn’t stay clean for long, but consider it your street cred the dirtier you get it.

Operating on Island Time + Where to Find Kie’s Awesome Headwear!

We’re now 4 episodes into this season of Alone and getting a great response to Kie kicking butt out there! If you came looking for the headwear that she’s been sporting all season, you can find it here: Kie’s awesome headwear, and you can find her anorak here.

We’re getting lots of emails/ inquiries and social media messages. And we’re really excited about that! But this is also our “off season”. We’re trying to take a bit of down time amidst the hustle and bustle, so please forgive us if we take a bit of time responding to your inquiry! We’re still shipping orders every week!

“Summertime and the livin’s easy”, you know how the song goes!