We’ve tried the carrot, now its time for the stick!

You got this! You can definitely make your very own beautiful, functional moccasins and mittens!

We have continued to have an incredible response to our specialized clothing and equipment this year, and for that we’re very thankful!  Unfortunately because of that response, our hand-crafted mittens and moccasins are now subject to lengthy delays. As of December 3rd, we are now targeting shipping new moccasin and mittens orders between Christmas and New years.  That’s the stick.

But we’re still happy to dangle the carrot for you as well!  If you’re willing to make them yourself we’re shipping our DIY moccasin and mitten kits without delay, and we’re still offering them at a sale price while we try to work through our backlog of finished items.

Thank you for your patience!

SALE: A gentle little nudge!

Oh the places you’ll go!  
Photo Credit: Goh Iromoto

We don’t like sales here. We want your purchases to be well considered and not rushed.  And to that end we try to offer the best products and best price we can all year-round.

BUT, we’re also feeling the need to direct traffic a little bit here in our busiest season.  Our seamstresses are sewing anoraks, tanks and top bags at 100% capacity.  Kielyn has a growing list of custom moccasins and mittens she needs to make.  She asked me last night after completing a beautiful pair of beaver mittens: “can’t someone else do it!?”.  And that, my friend, is where you come in :)

Until the end of November, in an effort to encourage you to do it yourself(!), we’ve got all of our DIY kits on sale, plus some non-sewn items thrown in: HDPE toboggans and our Kni-Co stoves.  As an added bonus we’ve also been able to permanently lower our price on deer and moose hides to $7 / sq ft!

Check out all the sale items in the Featured Products section.

[NOTE: We’re still happy to sell moccasins, mittens and anoraks. Current wait time on these items is one or two weeks.  We will update this if necessary.]


Anoraks, Mittens, Toboggans Oh My!

We have after much anticipation completely updated our anorak DIY booklet! It is available on our Info Hub or even better, accompanies our anorak DIY kits!

We have been teaching at the Canoe Museum for the past few weekends. We finished toboggans, snowshoes, mittens and are finishing up anoraks today!

Next weekend we are making winter moccasins and if you’re lucky you’ll get the last spot! Don’t delay though because it’s out last winter moccasin workshop of the season!

On the Road!- Shipping Delays

Hi everyone!

Dave is on the road now for our Toboggan, Snowshoe Weaving and Snowshoe Binding workshop at the Canadian Canoe Museum. He won’t be back to the pond until next week. This means that we won’t be able to get new orders out until approximately the 26th of October. Kie and Maddy will be at the pond working away at any new order to make sure they are ready for shipment.

Thank you for your patience! We, as always, appreciate your support!

Free Purchase Pickups across Southern Ontario!

Free parcel pickup is like a shot of sunshine on a mid-winter’s day!

We’re offering free pickups at a variety of locations across southern Ontario this fall.  Please see the schedule below. To take advantage, please place your order online at least a week in advance and choose “local pickup”at checkout.  Send us a note by email or phone that you intend to meet us, and we’ll have your package ready.

Pickup Schedule, 2019:

  • Bradford: Pickup with family members, available many dates throughout the fall.
  • Peterborough: Canadian Canoe Museum Oct 19 – 22 (order by Oct 12)
  • Peterborough: Canadian Canoe Museum, Nov 1 – 4 & 10 – 11 (order by Oct 25)
  • Waterloo: Lee Valley Tools, Dec 1 & 2 (order by Nov 24)

Hope to see you this fall!