HDPE Trail Toboggans

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Trail toboggans are quite simply the most versatile hand-hauled craft for winter travelers traveling over a wide range of snow and terrain conditions.

NEW: Now with a 3-year warranty!

HDPE or UHMW-PE?  To find out more about our two different toboggan plastics and our 3- and 7-year warranties, check out our “Toboggan Selection Guide“.


Top Bags

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Trail toboggans are quite simply the most versatile hand-hauled craft for winter travelers. Long and narrow, the toboggans are designed to keep a load low to the ground for maximum stability.  The large running surface allows the toboggan to float in your snowshoe track and go anywhere you do – regardless of snow conditions.  Because it is flexible, a toboggan gracefully follows the contours of undulating terrain, and crests fallen trees readily.  Toboggans are all cut in the traditional ‘coffin-shape’ for improved turning performance.

Our toboggans are made out of black (UV-resistant) “High-Density Polyethelene” (HPDE), a very durable, extremely low-friction plastic which is ideal for pulling on snow and ice.  Toboggans roll up for easy transportation in vehicles!  All toboggans come completely outfitted and ready for the trail with:

  • White Ash crossbars, finished with multiple coats of spar varnish or linseed oil;
  • Fully weather resistant fasteners throughout: stainless steel screws, stainless bolts and t-nuts at crucial areas, solid brass lash rings;
  • Extremely durable 5mm climbing cord for running lines and tow lines;
  • Soft, 2″ wide leather ‘tump’ strap for hauling with;
  • Brass rings attached via adjustable prussik knots to create lashing points;
  • Our polyester lashing straps have a great soft hand for easy lashing in cold weather, couples with stainless steel camming buckles;
  • Brake line for controlled descents;

Please check out “Toboggan Selection Guide” for more info and video comparisons of the two plastics, and our “Toboggan Outfitting Guide” for more info about tanks, top bags and stove bags.

Additional information

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 56 × 56 cm

8' (6' packable space), 10' (8' packable space), 12' (10' packable space)

Running Surface

Very low friction High Density Polyethylene (HDPE);

Cross Bars

High quality White Ash

Weather-resistant fasteners

Stainless steel screws, copper rivets, brass rings, stainless steel cam buckles


Black (UV resistant)

Video Demonstration

A complete look at our toboggan packing process.

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  1. Priscilla

    Love my 10′ toboggan. Loaded it up and I can’t believe how comfortable it is to pull. The winter months have usually been making plans for the next seasons paddling trips with a some snowshoeing day trips thrown in. I’ve been inspired by the LOTN videos to do some winter trekking/camping with toboggans instead of the car camping. I’m hooked. It’s easy to pack up duffle bags on the toboggan with the tank and the quick access stuff in the top bag. The webbing flows smoothly through the rings, all the clips are simple, and I am truly amazed at all the gear I can pull. It glides effortlessly. I was really worried about hills but once out there I have found most around here are not actually that big of a concern. I just walked slower. Of course the really steep ones are going to be tough but I will stay away from them if I can. I would highly recommend these toboggans. Great workmanship here. The LOTN tumpline is like icing on the cake! You have to have that too. Thanks to Dave and Kielyn for getting people outdoors in the winter.

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