A Lonely Pair of Snowshoes

Well. Things are shaping up to be a little different that we had planned this winter. Thus far we have had to cancel 6 expeditions for 2021 and the way things are going, there is a possibility for more.

However- We are not going to be shaken. We know that it is a tough ask for people to stay home when they have an incredible trip with Lure of the North planned. But it is even tougher to see this virus plow through our most vulnerable communities without any sort of empathy.

We need to stick together, by staying apart! Please follow your guideline from you provincial government. Even IF the clarity of the rules are murky at best. Do your part. Stay at home. We are READY when the virus is under control to take you on an incredible journey. But until then, thank you for your patience and continued support. Stronger together. While staying apart. We love you all!