Group Gear List

Group Gear List – Updated for Winter 2015 Trips

For those planning to run their own trips, we now provide our group gear recommendations in list format!  This page is full of notes and product links, if you’d like a clean, checklist-style list use the following .pdf document:

We organize our gear into “packages” based on task, which works well for us on the trail.

The Complete List

Tent and Tools

  • Whisk broom;
    Available at hardware/ department stores ($10);


  • Stove, pipes, wire & gloves available in Titanium or steel
    Titanium:  Fourdog Stoves
    Steel: Kni-Co;

Food Packs

Toboggans and Accessories

  • A Tank wraps the load;
  • A Top Bag provides access to small items through the day.
  • A Day Box is a great seat and place to keep a thermos and mitts;

Kitchen Wannigan
For many standard kitchen items, no link has been provided as they can typically be found locally.

  • Pot set
    Large stainless steel soup pots from department stores are an exceptional value.  Grind off the side handles and install a wire bail handle for camping use.
  • Bowls, plates, mugs, utensils
    Best: Dollar store stainless steel cutlery.
  • Leather fire gloves;
  • Sanitary items (cloth/ scrubbie/ soap/ bleach/ sanitizer and basins);
  • LED Lantern;
  • Matches/ lighter;
  • Staple cooking foods (oil/ butter/ tea/ coffee/ spice/ sugar/ milk);
  • Safety pins for hanging clothes;
  • Water bladder;

Group Gear
(These items will likely vary significantly from trip to trip and group to group)

  • Repair kit;
  • First Aid kit;
  • Ice fishing kit;
  • Shared emergency clothing;
  • Rope, snowshoe bindings, batteries, etc