LOTN Instructional Booklets

Proud Moccasin Owners from Georgian Bay Secondary

Proud Moccasin Owners from Georgian Bay Secondary

Our Philosophy: The following booklets describe our understanding of a variety of traditional crafts – these skills and this knowledge has traditionally been handed down from person to person and now we are attempting to do the same. We have worked hard to produce these packages and hope to be able to continue to offer them freely in the years to come.  If you find these instructions useful please acknowledge where you received some of the info. If you’re also considering making any of these crafts, please consider supporting us by purchasing one of our handy DIY kits. Thank you and Happy Crafting!

Our Thanks: We have tried to thank the people that have influenced our designs in each of these individual books.  The greatest general thank you is due to the people who lived with and traveled this land for generations and developed these general concepts.  Specifically the single largest influence for us has been Garrett Conover and Alexandra Conover Bennett.  Their wonderful book A Snow Walker’s Companion is absolutely packed with patterns, descriptions and information to get you making your own gear and traveling comfortably!

Winter Moccasin Making Series

Summer Moccasin Making Series

Moccasin Soling

Winter Mittens

Toboggan Making

Anorak Making

  • LOTN Anorak (.pdf). Updated 2018
    Please note: Our anorak pattern is not available for distribution.  Our anorak is very closely based on the anorak described in “A Snow Walker’s Companion“.  We feel good about developing products (Anoraks and DIY Anorak kits) influenced by the Conover’s instructions. But the anorak pattern is available in the Conover’s book, and we feel if you are interested in the pattern it would be best to support the Conover’s by purchasing their book.

More to come as time permits… If you use/ appreciate these instructions, let us know – that sort of encouragement can only help to inspire further booklet development.  Thanks.

“I made some mittens with the LOTN pattern and thought I would share. The material is braintan buckskin I tanned and I used buckskin thong (with a welt) to sew it together. It’s the best pattern I’ve used. Thanks!”
~ Dennis

Dennis' beautiful brain-tan mittens dyed with Black Walnuts!

Dennis’ beautiful brain-tan mittens dyed with Black Walnuts!