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Dave and Kielyn Marrone Photo: Goh Iromoto

Dave and Kielyn Marrone Photo: Goh Iromoto

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All things Winter: Lure of the North officially began operations in the fall of 2011*, though we have been sharing our passion for traditional winter travel, crafts and culture for years before that.  We are a little company made up family and a handful of seasonal helpers based out of our remote wilderness basecamp outside of Espanola, ON.  We are passionate about all aspects of traditional winter camping, wilderness travel and northern culture.  Our desire for good quality winter clothing and equipment has led us to now produce much of this ourselves, which has led to a related passion for crafting and constant gear improvements.  Nearly all aspects of our company are run by Dave and Kielyn.  We like to think that’s pretty great for our customers because when you call or write, you get to talk directly to the person who will be joining you on trip/ leading your workshop/ or crafting your custom goods for you.  It also means that we can cater custom trips to meet your group’s desires, or travel to your location for a custom workshop or presentation.  The downside of course is that we get extremely busy at times.  During the winter tripping season, don’t be surprised if you can’t get a response from us for a week at a time (Hint: place your winter orders well in advance!), but know that we will get back to you eventually and answer every email.

Other passions: Our primary passion might be traditional winter travel, but we love just about any activity that gets us outside. That’s why you might see the occasional rock climbing or canoeing album sneak into our photos section of the site!  In the summer we have guided canoe trips from 4 – 17 days in length on the Spanish River near Sudbury, as well as the Missinaibi and Bloodvein Rivers further afield.  We’re happy to organize and lead custom flat- or white-water canoe trips of any length during the spring, summer or fall months.

Our Team: A Family Affair

Dave Marrone

Dave Marrone Photo Credit: Goh Iromoto

Dave Marrone Photo Credit: Goh Iromoto

Dave is a natural born leader. He is calm, level headed and can always find the silver lining. His smile is permanent and is a sucker for type II fun. He is known to have a gentle, quiet demeanor but is always ready to dive into meaningful conversation. Dave is the spear head for expedition logistic and pace setting. He seems to never tire and will always pick up more weight for the team if needed. You can always count on Dave to be there to lead you safely down a class IV rapid, through a tight creek or a tough portage. He’ll be there tromping the deepest snow for everyone to follow with more ease and confidence.  [Dave’s note: Kie wrote this, and is too kind by far!]

Kielyn Marrone

Kielyn Marrone Photo Cropped: Goh Iromoto

Kielyn Marrone Photo Cropped: Goh Iromoto

Kielyn is the photographer, camp chef and mother hen. She see’s the group with a broad view and makes sure everyone is being utilized in their best way possible. She strives to make people laugh and isn’t afraid to be the brunt of the joke. She loves to push herself and others to find their new limits and does not shy away from getting through a tough section on the trail. You’ll often see her at the back of the pack making sure everyone sticks together and no one is left behind. She also runs the social media pages and can be seen on Season 7 of History Channel’s hit reality show ALONE.

Mike Marrone (Dave’s brother!)

mikecroppedMike is the reason you’re able to navigate our website! Dave and Kie tend to take credit for it’s awesomeness but in truth, Mike is the reason why all of the complicated things about it go smoothly. We do all the day to day posting and editing, but when the site hits the fan, Mike is there to get his hands dirty.  He’s a professional web developer (not to mention BJJ butt-kicker), so fixing our errors in the evening is probably the last thing he’d like to do. Mike is one of most generous people we know and wants nothing in return. Thank you Mike for being such a great advisor and friend.

Bonnie Marrone (Dave’s mom!)

bonnie2croopedBonnie has been our logistical coordinator since the beginning! She is the calm, level-headed voice behind the phone that all of our participants’ loved ones can get in contact with when we are out adventuring in the woods. But behind that calm soothing voice comes some very important organizational skills, resourcefulness, researching skill and persistence! We’ve put her to the test a few times now from dealing with train delays, family members calling with tough news from home and radio interviews. Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that she is full time cutting our anoraks, top bags, tanks and stove bags! Never tires- and we are forever grateful.

Sandy Masin (Kie’s mom!)

momcropped A little help from mother is never unwelcome! Sandy is there at a moment’s notice to help with food prep and to help our base camp experiences run smoothly. It’s always more fun when you’ve got mom to lend a hand!

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*In the winter of 2021 we incorporated as Lure of the North Inc.