Au Naturella – Escape the BUGZ!

quirke small 11Escape from the bug season this year naturally with a harmless alternative to deet. Use for the whole family including pets! It smells great and it works!

Reapply whenever necessary directly to your skin or on to a bandanna for your pets or small children.


  • This product should be used liberally as long as you are okay with having your friends tell you that you smell….awesome!
  • Because this is a natural product and uses full strength essential oils, do not apply to clothing unless designated as “camp clothes”. Staining may occur.
  • Do not eat, put in your eyes or around your mouth. If swallowed contact your physician immediately with ingredients list on hand. Test on small area on body to ensure no allergic reaction occurs prior to full use.

Shake well before use- Separation is natural.



  • 6 oz of jojoba oil OR witch hazel as base

  • 4 oz citronella oil

  • 1 oz lavender oil

  • 1 oz lemon balm oil

  • 1 oz cedarwood oil

  • 1 oz eucalyptus oil

  • 1 oz tea tree oil

Mix all ingredients into a 16 oz spray or squeeze bottle and enjoy the relief from the bug season!

Save money and be safe with your skin!