Supporting the Community

This is a small world as we all know. But it’s even a smaller niche community. All of these companies are run by small teams just like us. We know how much sweat goes into keeping your head above water and we wanted to show our support for who we feel are the best in class.

Kevin Kinney is as skilled as they come when it comes to textiles. He makes well thought out anoraks and wool vests, jackets, wool pullovers, mitts and mocs. He is from Minnesota, USA and has always supported us with open arms. We can’t thank him enough for making us feel welcome into the community.

Snowtrekker Tents are a premium tent manufacturer that is based out of Wisconsin USA. These tents are what we use exclusively on all of our expeditions. They are lightweight, durable and easy to set-up. They are a small company with a big reach! Duane and Margot have supported us since the beginning with warmth and shelter. Their tents allowed us to fall in love with winter and realize this winter camping thing needed to be shared!

Black River Sleds made our very first toboggan and transported our gear in a way that inspired us so much that we had to show others! Chris has been incredibly kind and welcoming to us as a part of the community. His gear is exceptional and we encourage our American friends to consider his gear!

Four Dog Stoves are incredibly well built for the toughest abuse. He has a titanium stove that is the ultimate lightweight dream. Though we do not indulge in titanium on our large group trips, we do have two of his amazing four dog stoves for our base camp tents at our wilderness homestead. Don is serious about high quality gear and anything you buy from him he backs up with full confidence.

For high quality gear and friendly service in the USA check out Ben’s Backwoods. He specializes in high quality camping gear and has a great online store. They are a small company with a passion for all things wilderness! Check them out!

Winter Trekking is an online forum for all things winter. It is run by Glen Hooper who has a great passion for wilderness travel. If you’re looking for a place to ask questions to the online community this is your place to start!

Jack Mountain Bushcraft LogoTim Smith is the founder of Jack Mountain Bushcraft School and is located in Maine, USA. His is a world class bushcraft school that offers semester long enrichment. If you’re looking to take a serious step towards wilderness living skills, take the time to join one of his courses!

Friends of Temagami have been a great support of us and our travels through the vast wilderness of Temagami. They are an important part of maintaining the fight for conservation of the old growth forests that are speckled throughout the land. They are a great source for all things Temagami which is the place that ignited our love for winter camping in the beginning.

NOW Outdoors

Nick of the Woods Outdoors is a great place to go for international expeditions for a GREAT price. Nick is all about the full experience and getting your feet wet and your paws dirty. So if you’re looking for a global expedition, check him out!

The Alberta Gang!

It’s so nice to see a whole community assembly in Alberta- We wish we were closer to these fine folks. If you’re out west, be sure to check out:

  • Nature Alive
    • Sharing their passion for the outdoors with bushcraft, survival and outdoor adventures by Colleen and Dale Kiselyk
  • Niko Wilderness Education
    • If you have a love for wilderness try taking a course or expedition with Dragan Uzelac. He’s gearing up for traditional winter travel- Alberta style!
  • Haskin Canoe
    • Pricilla Haskin guides and instructs Paddle Canada courses in Alberta. She also has rental equipment if you’re up the creek without a canoe or snowshoes!


Want to find like minded people, look/buy new gear, set-up your tent and learn skills for the winter trail? This is the place to gather! This event is run in northern Minnesota every year in October and is such a great time. The people that organize this event are top notch and have a true love for the wilderness trail. People travel from all over the world to attend this event and we highly recommend you check it out!

SnowWalkers Rendezvous

This weekend event has been going on for over 20 years and is the place to meet all of the legends of the sport. Specifically our mentors Garrett Conover and Alexandra Bennett-Conover who are in attendance most years. It is run most years at the Hulbert Outdoor Centre in Vermont. If you’re close by or want to take a trip, this event should be on your radar!


This is a winter camping symposium that you don’t want to miss! 3 days of workshops, speakers and like-minded individuals that love camping so much they don’t stop for winter. Run by our friends at Three Raven Bushcraft and Mammut Buscraft this event should be a part of your schedule!


This is a one-day event in Waterloo, ON that highlights 5 speakers presenting on their experiences in the winter. If you are in the area it is a great way to meet new people and hear different perspectives on winter camping.