Qualifications and Experience

Your guides and CEOs of LOTN, Dave and Kie

Kielyn and Dave started Lure of the North in 2011, after completing a 40-day, self-supported snowshoe journey in Northern Ontario in the winter of 2010. We realized that there was a much better way to enjoy winter travel on Ontario’s frozen waterways, and we wanted to share this style of winter camping with as many people as possible.

Qualifications, Experience and Safety Considerations

  • We are both graduates of Laurentian University’s Outdoor Adventure Leadership Degree program (BPHE);
  • Wilderness First Responder Certified since 2008 (80h);
  • Ice Rescue Technician Trained;
  • We have each traveled thousands of km by snowshoe and spent hundreds of nights out in the winter;
  • We carry extensive first aid, emergency and repair kits and are well versed in how to use them;
  • We carry satellite communication (or cell communication if appropriate) devices on all our expeditions. This includes a SPOT messenger device and/ or a satellite phone;
  • We have a dedicated logistical coordinator at home who has years of experience in this position, and is well versed in our emergency protocols;
  • Because we make much of our own winter equipment, we are well versed in their strengths, weaknesses and how to repair damaged equipment;
  • All guest participants have the power of “Challenge by Choice”. That is, if there is ever an activity that they do not feel comfortable with, they are encouraged to speak up and share this concern with the guides and/ or group;
  • We believe the style in which we travel is inherently much safer than many other outdoor pursuits. We try to travel at a slower pace and more in tune with the natural environment. We carry the tools and knowledge necessary to weather winter storms and remain comfortable in the winter wilderness for days on end. You will find we do not straddle a fine line between safety and catastrophe as many fast/ light winter or alpine expeditions seem to do, instead we are firmly on the side of safety and comfort in the wild.
  • We are a fully insured company.