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“Winter Has Arrived on ‘Alone.’ It’s Time to See What These Contestants Are Made Of. ” Friederick Dreier, Outside Magazine- July 2022

Wilderness Guides Lead Winter-Long Snowshoe Epic Across Ontario“, J. Moag, Adventure Journal– April 2022

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Winter Camping Done Right”, (Pg. 41), C. Mihell, Mountain Life Magazine – Winter 2015.

Stepping Forward by Looking Back“, (pg 30), D. & K. Marrone, Pathways Journal – Winter, 2013.

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Chamber Fetes Top Businesses“, J. Migneault, Northern Life, May 15, 2014.

Sudbury Business: Lure of the North Brings Back Basics“, L. Stradiotto, Sudbury Star, Dec. 24, 2011.

Answering to the Lure of the North“, J. Jelen, Northern Life, Mar. 9, 2013.

10 Reasons Winter Camping is Better than Summer Camping“, K. Callan, Explore Magazine – Winter, 2013.

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Ontario Outdoor Adventures Calendar 2014 *March (.pdf).

Radio/ Film

Snowwalkers“, Documentary film, Laurentian University Alumni Association, 2013.

Winter Campers Stranded by Delayed Train“, CBC Radio Interview, Feb, 2015.

Winter Campers Return Safely to Sudbury“, CBC Radio Interview, Feb, 2015.

Sudbury Group Travel 100km in Traditional Gear“, CBC Radio Interview, Feb, 2013.

Embracing the Cold“, CBC Interview, Jan 21, 2014

Snowwalkers Film Playing in Sudbury“, CBC Interview, Dec. 2, 2013

Where’s Winter – Sudbury, Ontario“, The Weather Network, Feb, 2013


Keynote presentaion: Global Bushcraft Symposium 2022.

Keynote presentation: Ontario Winter Camping Symposium 2019.

Keynote presentation: Winter Camping Symposium 2017.

Keynote presentation: Winter Camping Symposium 2015.

Keynote presentation: COEO Make Peace with Winter 2014.

Keynote presentation: Winter Camping Symposium 2013.

“The Planet D”

Ontario Tourism Presents: The Missinaibi Headwaters Expedition 2014

In 2014, Canada’s premiere adventure travel couple, Dave and Deb of The Planet D, joined us for one of their most epic adventures to date: The Missinaibi Headwaters!  After the journey, D&D wrote a number of fantastic articles, which give an excellent, honest portrayal of life in the field:

Kevin Callan

In 2012, bestselling Canadian author and adventurer Kevin Callan joined us for a winter trek to Silver Peak in Killarney.  Kevin produced a delightful video series on the trip, which can be found here: