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Having a logo that represents a company well is a challenging task. Thank you to Fuel Multimedia for creating a thought provoking piece for all of our future and current expedition members and hand crafters!

The Mug: Comfort. mug green

Picture yourself walking in the middle of a windy, frigid lake. You’re not cold because you’re well equipped, but you’re not talking to anyone, your head is down with the fur around your hood protecting you face. You are one of the 8 links to a steady moving train through the deep, unmarked snow when the leader rounds a bend and starts to form a parking lot for the rest of the train to fall in.

Silence overcomes you with the wind behind the trees and the hooded figures become identifiable again with their unveiling. Everyone knows what’s coming as the thermos is revealed. Without words, the mugs appear and everyone is soon gathered in a circle, holding that mug with bare hands. As the steam rises right next to their faces, smiles form and the silence is broken with recapping the mornings sighting, thoughts and journey.

With the traditional, “mug up” as the travelers and explorers before us would call it, it creates those moments in the day to re-group your thoughts, your day’s plans and keep the group comfortable. It gives you something to look forward to on those days where you’re sweating under a thin piece of cotton on a cold winter’s day.

shelter greenShelter: Protection

There is something to be said for travelling 8-10 hours a day and giving it all you have. Knowing that at the end of the day, a cozy, warm haven will welcome you with open arms really allows us to travel sustainably, comfortably and for as many days/kilometers as we do. The cross represents the stove pipe poles which is symbolic of warmth and it can also represent the ridge poles of a canvas tent that provides the shelter from the snow outside.

tree greenThe Tree: Strength

A snow laden Spruce is a tree that represents the North like no other. Viewing a tree that is supporting the weight of the snow and enduring the harsh conditions that winter brings without migrating like other members of the forest speaks to true strength.

Not only do the White and Black Spruce trees bring colour to an otherwise white world, but they are also one of two top choices for covering the tent floor for a comfortable full night’s rest. A strategic and careful organization of boughs creates a springy, insulated floor that allows us to feel even more protected. A good night’s rest allows us to recuperate the strength for the coming day.

green cropped

LOTN: Traditional Winter Travel, Crafts & Skills

And there you have it! A simple yet informed logo that will look great on all of our apparel. We hope you love it and will embrace it as a symbol of the Great White North!

4 thoughts on “Logo Dissection

  1. Hi Walt,
    It was a pleasure to meet you, and we hope to meet up at future COEO conferences, or elsewhere??
    We’ve just gotten home and the house is a flurry of gear, but I looked at your site briefly and I really like the clean look and the great, comforting intro photo. I wish you all the best, and as I say, hope to see you sooner than later!


  2. Hi guys, had a great time making the leather snowshoe bindings at your workshop on the weekend. I installed them on a good pair of traditional snowshoes I bought at a garage sale. I’m surprised how strongly the idea of comfort comes from the mug in your logo. Good job. BTW, if you check out my web site, I would appreciate any suggestions for improvement. Still under construction but I thought I’d publish it rather than wait for perfection. Take care, Walt

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