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smallHere’s a place to get some interesting recipes, bug remedies, gear lists and other great information that you might have difficulty finding elsewhere!  Use the drop-down menu above, or the links below to navigate “the hub”.

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3 thoughts on “Info Hub

  1. Hi Michele,

    Thanks for your continued support and interest!
    We would definitely consider a 5-day outing; there is a beautiful 5-6 day loop only 45min from Sudbury that a few of us completed a few years back. I have wanted to offer it as a public trip since, but it hasn’t worked out yet. Perhaps this year we’ll make that happen!

  2. Looking forward to your diy anorak kit!
    Would you consider doing, say, a 5-day excursion? Something that would fit within a 1-week vacation timeframe but that is more than a weekend?
    Thanks for considering…

    Michele (winter moc worksop @ cdn canoe museum, ptbo)

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