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Book a wilderness getaway at the Pond! Find your peace and solitude and surround yourself with nature’s beauty.

A hidden paradise in North-Eastern Ontario “Golden Pond” is a beautiful wetland property surrounded on all sides by thousands of acres of crown land.  According to Wikipedia wetlands are the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world.   With the abundance of wildlife we’ve seen around here, that didn’t come as any surprise to us!   From beavers and otters to moose, bear and wolves;  from Sandhill Cranes, to Canada Geese and Pileated Woodpeckers; from frogs to snakes and snapping turtles “the pond” is alive with the sounds of nature.  As far as we’re concerned, the best way to appreciate the thriving ecosystem around us is from the comforts of a simple wall tent, which leaves us as close to Mother Nature as possible without sleeping out in the rain!

Accomodations: The Guestie!  13 x 15 Wall Tent

Tiny Cabin: The Cube! 10 x 10 x 10 Cabin

This is a tiny cabin tucked off the shore of the pond that will make you feel cozy and connected to the land around you. There isn’t much space inside which is perfect for keeping things simple. Like curling up on the couch to reach a book, write in your journal and spend that much more time outside! Walk the trails, have a campfire and listen to the complex orchestra that is the pond.

Our “glamping” package includes:

  • Boat/4-wheeler shuttle or Gear Shuttle in winter (in winter, guests walk or ski in) to and from our property;
  • Accommodation chosen;
  • Fully-equipped cooking facilities at tent, including 2-burner propane stove;
  • Access to thousands of acres of surrounding crown (public) wilderness and the beautiful La Cloche Mountains (great day hike to Mt Ararat!)
  • Beds, mattresses and linens provided
  • Wood-fired Hot Tub AND Sauna!!


  • Bring your own food;
  • We will provide you a basic kitchen with pot, pan, bowls, utensils, wash basins etc.
  • We will provide you will a propane cooker;
  • We can provide additional cooler or Rubbermaid storage for food if needed.

To Book: 

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Please read Andrew’s Blog who has been coming to the pond for the last two years at New Years time: