Moccasin Care and Soles

Your moccasins should always be cared for as your feet are precious and moccasins are your foot’s best friend!

Salt and Water:

Avoid salt like the plague! Salt will make your moccasins crusty and dry, which in turn will cause them to wear more quickly. You moccasins are designed for the happy forest trails – not slushy sidewalks!

Water is not harmful to your moccasins.  Dry them out by hanging them in the peak of the tent or other warm (not hot!) location.


Moccasins can be hand-washed in cool water with a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry.


If the hole is on the sole of the moccasin, first open whip stitch the hole closed. Cut a piece of deer that is twice the size of the hole in a circular shape that makes the most sense for where the patch will be situated. Then use the closed whip stitch to sew the patch over the hole. Refer to our moccasin instruction booklet for directions on the closed and open whip stitch to assist you for your patch work.

If the hole is big enough that the center of the patch may move around, simply tack a couple times in the center, attaching the patch to the sole.


soling moccasins LOTN

We have been experimenting with soling for several years now and we have come up with something that we are ALMOST happy with.

We are combining shredded rubber from a tire re-treading facility with a heavy barge cement glue to create a black paste that you simply paint on. We have been experimenting with different ratios and layering systems and have been happy with our latest results.

We are going to be offering a soling kit in the near future as we finalize quantities and ratios of materials required.

10 thoughts on “Moccasin Care and Soles

  1. Hi Claire! Thanks for your comment! I definitely recommend getting the completely dry. Then as long as you keep them in a sealed container like a Rubbermaid and out of the sun so that humidity doesn’t build up then you should be good to store them with your other winter clothing. I pack mine away with all my sweaters, heavy socks etc. in a 68L Rubbermaid- who am I kidding, it’s a couple bins… :) Hope this helps!

  2. Heya!

    Any tips for storing your snowshoe moccs over the summer? I assume taking the liners out, but hang? Box? Humidity recommendations?


  3. Hi, I will be making a pair of wrap around moccasins later this winter. I have watched your winter moccasins videos and found them very helpful to say the least.They are excellent!! I can’t afford your kit so I will be making them with leather I have purchased locally. As well I’ll be following the pattern for wrap around moccasins given in John Rowlands book “Cache Lake Country”, page 34. I bought a pair similar to Rowlands many years ago in Yellowknife when I lived there. I prefer the lower style with the long tongue and the straps fastened to the lower part near where the vamp and tongue meet.
    Why I am writing to you is to find out when your rubber soles will be available. I like that solution better than wearing ankle high rubber overshoes which is what I did in Yellowknife.
    All the best! Season’s Greetings!!
    Gordon Ringius
    Atikokan, Ontario

  4. when visiting Saint Marie among the Hurons I remember they made soles from pitch and walked on sand
    this would give a durable sole to the footwear and remain flexible

  5. You should be speaking with Native elders and asking their input on your soles….After all they crafted the are of the shoe/boot moc’s & muk’s….they would be able to provide you with invaluable advice. Just a thought from a native goddess.

    love, light & blessings!

  6. Hi Alan,
    Thanks very much! I looked through the site and recall finding it years ago – a great resource and interesting history. In fact may have been where we first got turned onto the paint-on soles. I’ll have to look through the site again when we get some time.

    Best wishes,

  7. Hi Steve,
    We got our rubber from a tire re-capper (re-treading truck tires) in Sudbury. Unfortunately they have since moved that portion of their business out of the province, but we do have a portion of our supply remaining. We haven’t started offering the kits for sale yet as we haven’t been completely happy with the results. Some applications have help up very well, and others have peeled or flaked off far earlier than we’d like. We don’t currently have an ETA on our sole kits, until we get them figured out a bit better…

  8. where are you getting the rubber from for the soles, and when will you beselling the kit to make the soles?

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