Winter Wonderland- A Slow and Steady Expedition


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Love the idea of a winter expedition but don’t want as much type II fun? Relish in the thought of having your cake and eating it too with this winter wonderland expedition. Join Kie for a journey through the hinterland with a more leisure style pace and a focus on good food, photography, and breathing in the frosty air.

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All senses will be heightened with this leisure focused expedition. We will still be moving camp multiple times through the week, but will be travelling less kilometers in the day from our regular trips and will have more time to enjoy that first cup of coffee and that glass of wine at night.

We will be journeying through the magnificently beautiful LaCloche mountain range and LOTN’s backyard for our adventure. We will take the scenic route through steep and winding portages that bring us through giant Hemlock and Birch forests into the pristine Wright’s Lake. We then will day trip out to the Big Water of the North Channel of Lake Huron where will will spend time exploring the shoreline and enjoy the vistas. We will then journey to the breathtaking Alexander Lake in which we will camp out for two nights to do more exploring of the area. Our final night will take us close to the take-out and will be nestled in an intimate pond where wildlife is bustling.

Day 1: Travel in to the LOTN basecamp and pack up for our journey. (9 km)

Day 2: Camp in the beautifully private pond beyond Moose Lake. (5 km)

Day 3 + 4: Head into Wrights Lake for two nights. (4.5 into Wrights and ~4km of day hiking without toboggans)

Day 5: Camp on Alexander and day hike to over look North Channel (7.5km)

Day 6: Camp on Upper Horseshoe (5.5km)

Day 7: Hike back to Car (3.5km)

Total approximate distance depending on how much day hiking we’d like to do: ~39km

Key Focuses on this expedition:

  • Safe and efficient travel in winter including ice safety;
  • Proper use of tools and equipment;
  • Cooking on a woodstove and stoking the fire to stay warm at night;
  • How to properly regulate your temperature in the winter;
  • Winter photography and nature interpretation;
  • Tracking and wildlife viewing;
  • Teamwork and community building;
  • Work hard, play hard! – Board games and outdoor games will be encouraged!

Price Includes:

  • Snowmobile shuttle of gear into remote property;
  • 6 nights of tent living;
  • Wine served with supper;
  • All meals including snacks for the duration of the program;
  • Group gear such as tent, toboggans, safety equipment, kitchen, and communication devises;
  • Instruction and guidance from the LOTN team (including Hank the dog- conditions permitting!)

If you’re unfamiliar with our approach to winter camping, check out our Philosophy page and our Expedition Overview page.  Also see our Policies and Conditions.


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