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The position has been filled! Thank you all so very much for your interest, support and enthusiasm. It was a tough choice but think we’ll be very happy with our decision. If you would like to hand in your resume and questionnaire for future consideration please do not hesitate. Thank you again and have a great season!!


We are looking for a strong, passionate individual to help make the 2019 season a success!

This job is unique in that it is a live-in position (unless you have a snowmobile/car to come to work every day). You will have your own insulated cabin with a woodstove and your commute to work is a short walk across the pond.

This job posting is a catch-all position in which you will be handling:

  • Gear shuttles;
  • Cooking/Cleaning;
  • Retail Sales (assembling orders and packaging them);
  • Assistant Guide;
  • Homestead Duties (fetching water, firewood, shoveling snow, moving thunderboxes etc);
  • Expedition Gear- packing, cleaning, repairing;
  • Town Runs (small errands, mail drop-off)

We are a small business which means that everyone does everything and some days are more glorious than others. Menial tasks are performed by everyone as they are important to the smooth running of the operation. No one is exempt and each job, no matter the glory should be done without hesitation.

As staff you should:

  • Have your own vehicle and valid drivers licence;
  • Be flexible to roll with the punches (living in the bush means constant adaption);
  • Be comfortable with spending time alone ( you will be the only staff);
  • Have a passion for learning new skills and perfect older ones;
  • Not be afraid to ask questions if you do not know the answer;
  • Enjoy hard physical labour for long periods of time;
  • Quick to learn and be able to self-manage!

Contract Starts Jan 7 (potential to start mid-December)

Contract Ends Feb 22 (potential to finish late-March)

Wages will be based on resume and interview.

We are looking to invest in someone that is wanting to commit themselves to the company for ideally a minimum of two seasons. In the winter season we eat, sleep, and breathe our business and we’re looking for a passionate and reliable person to share that with.

I urge you to spend time on our website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages all @lureofthenorth to get a good sense of who we are before connecting with us. If becoming a part of our team interests you please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.


Please send your resume as well as the filled out 18 Intro Questions Staff to Kielyn at: 

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!!