Back in the Office- Catching Up!

Sunrise at the Pond

I am back at the helm and am starting to work on your orders again! We are still quite far behind and as of today we are still working on orders placed in the middle of February.

So while most things are back in stock, please know that your order will take at least a month to be processed. Better to think of your winter gear orders to be gearing up for next winter.

Thank you SO much for all of your support and patience in this very different year that we’ve all had. We very much appreciate your kind notes and feedback you’ve all sent and we are very excited to get your orders filled.

Enjoy the rest of your winter and please know, that if we don’t get back to you right away, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Please make sure you read through all of the information on our website to see if your question may be answered already. We also have many instructional videos on YouTube to help you through the crafting process!

All the best on this sunny day at the Pond,