FINAL Month!

The end of an era is nigh!

IMPORTANT: November 2021 will be our final month of regular retail operation! We have a great big, 900km snowshoe trek we’re preparing for starting in January, so we will close the store in December. Next spring we will sell off any remaining stock and close our doors for good (see posts below for more details).

As of October 30th, EVERYTHING is still in stock. Going forward, if the website lists a product as in stock, then it is available to purchase. But, at this point we will no longer be restocking materials as they run out. So throughout the month we may start discontinuing items.

We are not planning any blow out or clearance sales, especially on our most popular items, so don’t wait, order now as this will be your last chance for LotN gear!

And YES, we will still continue to provided guided trips and instructional workshops after we close the retail portion of our business!

Thanks for your support,
Kielyn and Dave