Jan 5 2023 Training Camp and Vast Horizons

Dietary Survey

Please note, we require a description of any dietary allergies.
For example: do not just write “peanuts”. Instead let us know if you are deathly allergic to peanuts, if you require that no other peanuts are allowed in camp, or just not in your meals, etc.

Regarding fats (especially relating to trips longer than a week):
We tend to pack a diet high in fat because it is a more concentrated and longer-burning source of energy. Our fats are a mix of saturated fats (in the form of animal fats, butter and coconut oil) and unsaturated fats (from nuts, seeds and vegetable oils). This is a common practice amongst many winter trekkers. However we realize that because of health concerns not everyone appreciates a high fat diet. Please let us know if you are adverse to all fats, love all fats, or are selective about using just unsaturated fats.