Lure Swag has Arrived!

Lure Swag has arrived!

Lure Swag has arrived!

You’ve heard the hushed whispers, you’ve seen the closed board room doors, but the time for waiting is no longer – Lure Swag has arrived!

Snazzy winter-related digs that can be worn all year round.  We have five designs to choose from with awesome artwork from Alec McCarthy.  All items are shipped and produced by Cafepress, which makes buying easy, shipping fast, and even returns hassle-free.  Whoohoo!

This is our opportunity to play around and have a lot of fun with our ideas about winter travel and what makes it so great.  Hope you enjoy and look forward to more designs in the future!

The Designs

  1. Lure of the North;
  2. Winter is Coming – Awesome!
  3. Winter is Coming – Time to Haul Ash!
  4. Size Does Matter;
  5. Winter Trekking Defined;