Off to Scout a New Route!

Dave Solo-LOTNHey everyone! We are now full swing into our expedition season!! This means that while all fall we were preparing for the winter season making moccasins, weaving snowshoes, and making anoraks, we are now getting out there and USING all of this wonderful clothing and accessories.

Annually, Dave and I go on a New Years trip together to celebrate and train for the coming season. Unfortunately I have caught the terrible flu and wasn’t able to beat it in time to depart. Because this is a planned expedition route we made the call that Dave would still venture out on his own. So to get all of his updates follow us on facebook as we post his SPOT location and messages along with  a photo! You don’t need a facebook account to view them at:

Because we are such a small company (just the two of us with side help from family and friends) if you were hoping to purchase something, make sure to check our expedition schedule to factor in the wait time on those items. We will do our best to accommodate but patience is much appreciated.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy following us this season! Oh P.S. There is still some room on our expeditions so if you’re still thinking you would like to join us! Don’t hesitate! Come on Down! (or up depending on where you are located of course)