*2023* Northern Quebec and the James Bay Coast: “Journey to the Northern Sea”

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Dates: March 18 – Apr1, 2023
16 days;
Price: $3500 CAD

This trip builds on the success of our Pontax River trips of 2015 & 2017  and is our most northern, most remote expedition to date!  We’ll be heading even further north up the James Bay coast and travelling a new river this year. This is an ambitious undertaking with potential to explore an incredible northern landscape and unique cultural experiences.

Nov 2021 Update: We are still nailing down final details of which river we will be travelling.  This page will be updated in the weeks to come.

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This will be our Explorer’s Club offering of 2023!    This is a brand-new trip offering for us, but follows in the vein of our successful Pontax River trips from 2015 and 2017!  We have wanted to head back to this part of Northern Quebec ever since, and we’re excited to have the opportunity again!  Since this is a new offering, we can’t know for sure what we will encounter (see Trail Blazer’s Club note below).   And this is why it is very important for all participants to bring forth a positive, flexible and team focused attitude for all of our long expeditions. This has a big river feel in a stark landscape. With the thick Black Spruce forest lining the river quickly opening up to the muskeg barrens on the plateaus, there’s no mistaking that you’re in the far north!

When we’ve travelled this region in the past, we’ve called the river bank plateau campsites “Field of Dreams,” because you can see endless firewood and the stars are just phenomenal.

This side of the James Bay coast is much steeper than the Ontario side.  That means big rapids, and lots of them. Skirting right beside or sometimes right over big volume rapids you can feel the spirit of the frozen lands beneath you. When the wind blows, she blows hard up here!

Nearing the ocean, we start to see signs of life other than the moose or fox. Cree trappers and other locals often travel up the coast and short distances inland looking for firewood or travelling to their camps.

This is an incredible adventure that will challenge you, reward you and enrich you.

Trail Blazer’s Club 2023!

This is our Trail Blazer’s Club expedition for 2023!  It will be long, the arctic winds off the ocean can be brutal, and the route is unknown to us, down a remote stretch of frozen river. You will need to come with a flexible attitude for this trip, and be prepared for a number of challenges, and possibly even re-routing if ice conditions or other challenges dictate!  But the rewards of joining us for a trip like this and not knowing what’s around the next corner can be incredible!  See our Trail Blazer’s page for more info.

Please Note: This trip starts and finishes in northern Quebec and participants are responsible for their own travel costs.  There are daily flights from Montreal into the region.  There will also likely be ride sharing options available with us or other participants.  Exact community TBD.

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16 days;


Exact distance TBD: ~ 140km, including travel on the Arctic Ocean.


The remote, rugged and beautiful SE corner of the James Bay coast in north-western Quebec

Trail Blazer's Club

This will be our Trail Blazer's Club trip for 2023. We have travelled in this regions successfully in the past, but will be exploring a brand new river this year!


This has the potential to be a very strenuous trip. Great physical conditioning and a positive, flexible attitude are very important attributes that will contribute to enjoying this expedition.

Trip Start and Finish Location

Northern Quebec. Exact location TBD.

2015 Expedition Video

Our first expedition down the lower Pontax River occurred in 2015. This video captures some of that adventure!


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