All About the Trail Blazer’s Club

Exploration on the Kabinakagami RiverThe Trail Blazer’s Club (previously “Explorer’s Club”) is a prestigious award, designed to recognize those expedition participants who have ‘broken new trail and left a path for others to follow’.  Though not for everyone (and certainly not for the faint of heart), some of our guests thrive on the excitement of planning and executing a brand new winter expedition into ‘parts unknown’.  Beginning with our wonderful Killarney Krossing Expedition of 2012, we plan to continue offering a special Trail Blazer’s Club Expedition every year!

The Award: In recognition of their trailblazing efforts, Club members will be listed on our Honouring our Trail Blazers page, and will also receive a mini snowshoe personalized with their name and the details of their trip.  See ‘about the logo’ for more on the significance of the snowshoe award.

About the trips: Trail Blazer’s Expeditions (TBEs) are anything but a ‘sure thing’.  Though we do our due diligence in fact-finding and researching potential routes, we have not previously scouted any TBEs.  Routes are frequently in remote locations and there may not be much knowledge available about winter conditions.  It takes a flexible and adventurous attitude to enjoy an TBE, as we may complete the route as planned, or we may also end up going sideways, backwards or nowhere at all, and sometimes these impromptu route decisions are the best ones!

Significance of the EC Logo: The snowshoe logo and tracks in the snow symbolizes the journey in the unknown, but also the tracks left for others to follow.  TBC members pave the way for new and exciting trip developments for future guests.  We hope that many of the TBC trips of today will become the classic Lure offerings of tomorrow, and sincerely thank those interested in helping us develop these trips!