Retail Closure – Timeline and Next Steps

Kielyn getting set to make another fall “mud run”

July 18, 2021: Here’s how our closure will work. We wanted to give our customers as much notice as possible. So we will operate as normal, through the fall until the end of November. We will continue trying to resupply products and keep everything in stock through the fall. However, some difficult to re-stock items (like toboggan plastic) may start going out of stock as we sell out in the fall. Our advice: order early!

We’re going to be gone all winter, on our 90-day crossing of Ontario, so retail will be shut down through the winter months. In the spring of 2022 there may be a final opportunity to buy any remaining stock, and that will be the end!

Warranties: Will still be honoured on all of our products, we’re not going anywhere, we just don’t want to be retailers any longer. But Lure of the North will still be here, and will be even better situated to lead you on adventures and workshops for years to come. And we will continue to support our products and you, our loyal customers!